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 About Us

We are proud to present CFA Society VBA Netherlands, born on 1 January 2018 in a merger between CFA Society Netherlands and VBA beleggingsprofessionals. Our mission is to contribute to the advancement and stability of the investment community by setting standards, raising ethics, improving competence and sharing knowledge.

 News and Announcements

MiFID II Update: April 26th a letter, co-authored with DSI, was sent to employers whose employees must be MiFID II compliant (those who have professional contact with clients) as of the beginning of this year. The letter explains the knowledge exams that will be offered by VU Amsterdam in collaboration with CFA Society VBA Netherlands. The letter and a related Q&A can be viewed here

More information will be available shortly about registration, costs and locations of the exams. We will keep you informed via our newsletters and website. 

Please refer questions per email or +31 20 618 2812. The content of this communication was coordinated with AFM.


Anne-Marie Munnik, RBA, Executive Director, CFA Society VBA Netherlands, rang the opening bell of the stock exchange to celebrate the CFA Society VBA Netherlands merger. Joining her were current and previous board members and staffed office. 
CFA VBA Opening Bell 18 April 2018.jpg 
On 15th March, the 6th class of students graduated from the postgraduate master's program in Risk Management for Financial Institutions. With the CFA Society VBA Netherlands membership, the graduates receive the title Risk Manager Financial Institutions (RMFI). Congratulations to all!
RMFI graduates 2018.jpg 


 Supporters of our Mission

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