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 Meeting With New Volunteers

​25th November 2019

In our WeWork office, we hosted a meeting with members of the Society and Level III candidates who are interested in collaborating with the Society.  Each member of the Board presented their chairpersons so that each attendee could select which of the areas covered they would like to assist in. 

CFA Society Argentina functions thank to groups of volunteers that give their unflagging time and energy to the cause.  We are quite pleased that the number of volunteers continues to increase.  If you are a member of the Society, or are preparing to take the Level III exam, and would like to join the organization, please contact us at:


 Race for Values 2019

​9th November 2019

250 people challenged themselves to run a road race with the objective of promoting and making people aware of the of the integrity and values of the financial and capital markets.  At the start of the race Santiago Padua, CFA, President of the CFA Society Argentina, highlighted the concept behind the event, which is to develop and apply the highest standards in the finance services industry.

Sergio Gonzalez, CFA, who organized the event together with the Club de Corredores (Running Club), remarked that the event took place in an energetic and sportive atmosphere, in which men and women of all ages, as well as handicapped athletes, participated.  "CFA Society Argentina fosters the development of a transparent and inclusive market," he stated.

The race was run in Vicente Lopez, Province of Buenos Aires, with the participation of members of the Society, business executives, professionals from the finance and corporate sectors, as well as the general public.  The current climate requires that community of financial professionals actively promote ethical conduct, moral behavior, and gender equality in the markets, taking as reference the high standards of CFA Institute around the world.  It is important to reflect upon the need for all of society to participate in the construction of a country that advances the values and best practices in the finance industry. 

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 Launch of Research Challenge 2019/2020

​23th August 2019

CFA Society Argentina launched the local competition of the CFA Institute Research Challenge 2019-2020, that brought together students from the principal universities of Argentina, Bolivia, and Uruguay.

The company chosen to evaluate in 2019 was Central Puerto (CEPU), a private company, which is the largest energy generator in Argentina.  Amongst the universities participating in this competition were Universidad de Buenos Aires, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Universidad Argentina de la Empresa, Universidad Católica Argentina de Buenos Aires, Universidad Católica de Córdoba, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Universidad Nacional de Asunción República del Paraguay, Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia la Universidad Austral, UCEMA, Universidad de Montevideo and Universidad San Pablo de Tucumán. RC launch.png

 Financial Perspectives and the Elections

​13th August 2019

At the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, Axel Christensen, director of Investment Strategy for Latin America and Iberia for Blackrock, and Sergio Berensztein, a political analyst whose work is distributed on television, radio and newspaper, spoke to a large group of attendees.

Axel presented a global vision of the world financial situation, with emphasis on the emerging markets.  Sergio, for his part, focused on political analysis of the situation and possible future consequences given the results of the Presidential Primaries which took place on 11 August.  This was a very important presentation given the economic and political situation of Argentina at the moment.  After the presentations, the attendees enjoyed drinks and snacks.


 Latam Travelling Conference 2019

​21st March 2019

We hosted a conference at Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires, with Meir Statman, PHD from Columbia University, as speaker. His presentation was about behavioral finance, where he explained how investors and managers make financial decisions and how these decisions are reflected in financial markets, through various examples.

It was an opportunity to analyze financial decisions from a different perspective, as well as to share an enjoyable evening with colleagues.

 Charter Awards Ceremony -2018

​12th December 2018
CFA Society of Argentina had its Annual Dinner and Charter Awards Ceremony in Hotel Madero where we had Carlos Melconian as the main speaker. Also, Simon Cawdery, CFA PCR of Latin America & Atlantic Islands, and Alejandro Bianchi, CFA Sociey Argentina President gave us a few words. We welcomed the new Charterholders to the Society. The attendants had the chance to network with colleagues and board members in a warm atmosphere. 
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 Women in Finance

6th June, 2018

CFA Society Argentina hosted a conference at Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires where we had a debate with four renowned speakers of the financial industry. Diana Mondino (board member of Pampa Energía and Loma Negra), Andrea Grobocopatel (Los Grobo), Marta Castelli (Head of S&P) and Verónica Martinez Castro (ENARSA). The conference was part of the Women in Finance cycle and the title was Economic outlook for Argentina and the world. In addition to the specific topic, attendees also discussed how to raise the percentage of women in financial positions. As usual after the conference, the attendants had the chance to network with colleagues and board members.

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 Research Challenge 2019/2020 Local Final

​11th December 2019

The finals of the local CFA Institute Research Challenge took place at the offices of Refinitiv.  This was a high-quality competition, with teams representing the University of Montevideo, the University of Torcuato Di Tella, and UADE participating. We want to congratulate all students who took part in the competition, and particularly to the winning team composed of Juan Deal, Naiara Lew, Federico Loro Meyer, Joaquin Martinez Christensen and Lucas Quaranta, and their Tutor, Julio César Fermo, representing the UTDT 2 team. 

The winning team will represent the Society at the Americas Regional finals to be held on the 20th and 21st of April.  The winner of that regional final will move on to compete in the Global Final in New York the next day. We give big thank you to the judges of the competition:  Gabriel Vidal, Juan Cruz Elizagaray, CFA, Santiago Padua, CFA, and Mariano Merlo.  Another thanks goes out to Refinitiv, the sponsor of the event, and the target company Central Puerto S.A., and especially to their Investor Relations officer, Tomás Daughlian, who accompanied us in all phases of the competition. The local CFA Institute Research Challenge competition was organized by Sergio Gonzalez, CFA, a member of the Board at CFA Argentina.  

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 Masterclass: Fintech, a Land of Opportunities

​3rd December 2019

Touching on a topic that is growing by leaps and bounds in our industry, CFA Society Argentina, in association with the IE Business School of Spain, organized a conference on Fintech at the Four Seasons Hotel.

After an enjoyable social to exchange business cards and ideas, Professor Pablo Soler Bach, business consultant and Business Angel, delighted a full room of attendees with an up-to date description of the current Fintech situation, and the tendencies and opportunities  in the world of Fintech, as well as the way companies take their first steps, how the initial stages are financed, and the value they bring to society.

After the talk, the members who attended appreciated the important topics that were touched upon, topics which are non-traditional in the local finance industry.  Our Society promises to continue innovating with the conferences we will arrange in 2020.


 Women in Finance 2019

​16th October 2019

CFA Society Argentina produced an event entitled Women in Finance, which has now become a classic event over the past years, wherein the role of women in the financial industry is promoted and highlighted.  The event took place in an auditorium at the law offices of Marval, Mairal y O'Farrell, and was preceded, as always, with a breakfast where participants could share ideas and network.

The panel was formed by leading women in the financial industry who discussed topics related to financial markets, both local and global, as well as sharing real-life experiences.  The panel consisted of Diana Mondino (Professor at the undergraduate and post-graduate level at UCEMA and a member of the board of Loma Negra and SiroOnline); Rocío Sánchez (Head of Corporate Banking for Colombia, Central America and the Caribbean, and Executive Director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch); Anna Cohen (CEO and President of Grupo Cohen); Rocío Balestra (Director of the CNV (Argentine SEC), the representative of Argentina at the OCDE, on their Corporate Governance Committee; and Laura Luz Ojeda (Director of Economics at Telam and a journalist at Forbes) acting as the moderator.

The conference counted on the support of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Grupo Cohen and Marval, O´Farrell Mairal, and the importance of this support was reflected by the strong impact the event was given in prestigious Argentine media outlets.

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 Ethical Decision-Making Conference

​27th June 2019

CFA Society Argentina had the pleasure or welcoming the Director of Ethics Education for the CFA Institute, Dr. Michael McMillan, CFA, to present the ethical decision-making process.  The conference was held in the law offices of Marval, O'Farrel y Mairal, an active collaborator of the CFA Society Argentina, and included the participation of professionals with the local CNV (the Argentine SEC), ByMA (Argentine Exchanges and Markets), IAMC (Argentine Institute of Capital Markets), as well as compliance specialists from the private sector and our own Members.

Dr. McMillan gave an interactive presentation titled, "How to do the right thing even if no one is watching?"  The presentation approached ethical dilemmas as normal and predictable in the majority of professions, that can put at risk a career if one is not prepared to confront organizational challenges that can test personal values, moral beliefs, and a commitment to doing the right thing.

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 Brazil Embassy Event

​​​9th September 2018
We held our 2018 central event at the Brazilian embassy, given that the Brazilian presidential elections took place that year. The event was called "Perspectivas económicas para Brasil y Argentina". . We had two panels of speakers that included Martin Redrado who talked about the economic outlook, Gustavo Segre who added the political point of view and Marcelo del Nero Fiorellini with BTG Pactual Argentina. The second panel included the discussion about the asset classes and investment recommendations. We had Carlos Hernan Planas with Axis, Diego Chameides with Banco Galicia and Lautaro Veliz Espeche with BBVA Frances. The event was a success and we had more than 130 attendants. 
Perspectivas economicas Brasil.jpg

 Future of Finance - 2017

​18th October 2017

Effects of Legislative Elections in the Investment Portfolio – Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires Gustavo Cañonero, Sergio Berenstein & Lionel Modi, CFA discussed the possible outcomes of the legislative elections in Argentina and their impact on Portfolios.

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 Charter Award 2019

​12th December 2019

To top off a year of many changes, arduous work, and large growth, CFA Society Argentina organized the traditional Annual Dinner, where directors, volunteers and members have the opportunity to toast the end of the year.

The event was held in the Circulo Italiano, and, with overwhelming attendance full of good camaraderie and high spirits, succeeded in generating networking discussing the challenges that lie ahead in the coming year, and reaching some conclusions on the significance of a 2019 full of questions for our industry.  The event was also the kickoff for what we hope is a transformation of a new tradition:  As a central part of the night, a charterholder was asked to give his vision on the economic scenario of our country, and what lies ahead.  He also shared his thoughts and experiences as a founder of the CFA Society Argentina, as well as how he handled similar economic and political situations in the past. 

This year, Miguel Zielonka, CFA, had the honor to present, who, at the end of his observations, designated another member to perform this role at the 2020 Annual Dinner.  In December 2020 we will hear from Matías Cremaschi, CFA. We had the pleasure of welcoming Diane Nordin, CFA, member of the Board of Directors of the CFA Institute, and Mauro Miranda, CFA, the Atlantic Islands and Latin America Region's representative  to the Presidents Council (PCR), who shared some thoughts about the importance of volunteering  and the projects that the CFA Institute has planned for the future.


 Latin America Speaker Tour 2019

​5th November 2019

As part of the Latin America Speaker Tour that the CFA Institute organizes for Societies in our region, Dr. Vikram Mansharamani visited Argentina to offer a class on financial bubbles in global markets.  Dr. Mansharamani is a consultant on global negotiations, Professor at Harvard's Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, with a Ph.D. and MS from the Sloan School of Management at MIT, a MS in political science from MIT and a y BA from Yale University, where he was a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

The conference was held at a packed auditorium at the Universidad de San Andrés, and touched on topics such as geopolitics, the global economy, global warming, systems of government and different ways to detect financial bubbles before they occur, all presented with an unconventional approach.


 Expo EFI 2019

​10th and 11th April 2019
Expo EFI is the main economic and financial conference of the year in Argentina. For the 3rd consecutive year CFA Society Argentina participated with a stand and a workshop where the advantages of the CFA Program where explained to more than a hundred employers and potential candidates. This year we rewarded the people that came at the stand with caps and hats if they answered correctly a question related to ethics. The stand was full all the time, it was a complete success. The title of this year's workshop was: "Ser o no ser: ¿seguir hablando de la suba del dólar o tomar el programa CFA y entender el por qué?". We mixed current economic topics with the CFA curriculum.

 Member Event: Financial Rent Presentation

​30th April 2019
At the offices of Marval, O'Farrell & Mairal there was an event on the impact of the Argentine Tax Reform, with an emphasis on corporate financial rents.  The event was led by Fernando M. Vaquero, a Partner with Marval, O'Farrell & Mairal and a member of the Tax Department.

 Active Indexing & ETFs

​11th April 2017
Joanne Hill, Phd (Senior advisor for investment strategy for ProShares and CBOE Vest) and Lionel Modi, CFA (Investment manager, Origenes seguros) presented how ETF investing has impacted the investment industry. This event was held at UCEMA University.
CFA ETF-89.jpg

 CFA Society Argentina 15 Years

​​13th December 2017
CFA Society Argentina had its 15th anniversary Celebration and Ch​arter Award Ceremony in the Sofitel hotel. Paul Smith, CFA, current CFA Institute CEO and President joined us in our celebration. Marcos Ayerra, CNV President and Simon Cawdery, CFA PCR of Latin America & Atlantic Islands also attended the event. 
It was an unforgettable night were we welcomed the new Charterholders class 2017, and had the opportunity to meet CFA Society Argentina board members and industry colleagues.​
brindis 15 años.jpg

 UCEMA University Presentation

​9th August, 2017

Richard Duncan presented on "How to Understand economics and the financial markets in the post Bretton woods world" in UCEMA University.

Members, candidates and industry professionals were invited and almost a hundred people enjoyed the speech, which covered many aspects of actual economic variables that could facilitate a systemic crisis. Credit expansion, the situation in China and policy mistakes where subjects of deep discussion, with excellent feedback from the audience at the Q&A session. ​