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Our vision, which is founded on the vision of the CFA Institute, aspires to a Society that:

  • Serves all finance professionals in Bahrain seeking investment related education, knowledge, professional development, connection, or inspiration.  
  • Becomes and remains the hub that leads the investment profession's thinking in the areas of ethics, capital market integrity, and excellence of practice.  

​Mission Statement:

The mission of CFA Society Bahrain is to:

  • advance the interest of the investment community in Bahrain by promoting and maintaining the highest standards of professional excellence and integrity for the ultimate benefit of society;
  • contribute to the development of Bahrain's capital markets and the investment sector through active and sustained interaction with all its stakeholders including but not limited to members, employers, regulators, students and academia;
  • contribute to the continued education and professional development of investment professionals in Bahrain;
  • actively promote the CFA Institute's Credentialing programs (CFA, Investment Foundation, CIPM) in Bahrain.


Our Society is committed to delivering on its Mission on the foundation of a value structure that recognizes the beneficial effects of inherently good values and behavior on all its stakeholders.  As a consequence of this belief our Society has adopted the following set of values:

  • Investment professionals contribute to the ultimate benefit of society through the sustainable value generated by efficient financial markets and by effective investment institutions;
  • Good stewardship and high ethical standards are necessary for trust and confidence to be secured and for society to be served;
  • Financial markets should afford every investor an equal opportunity to earn a fair return;
  • Financial markets are more effective when participants are knowledgeable;
  • High ethical principles and professional standards are essential to positive outcomes; rules and regulations, while necessary, are not sufficient by themselves.