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 Participating Universities

  • Ahlia University
  • BIBF
  • Royal University for Women
  • University of Bahrain​​​


  • Dinesh V. Sharma, CFA
  • Neha Karani
  • Rahul Rajendran
  • Nooran Al Zan
  • Isa Madan


  • Nishit Lakhotia, CFA, CAIA, Head of Research SICO
  • Mahmoud Nawar, CFA, President of Board, CFA Society Bahrain
  • Omar Farooqi, Zain Bahrain
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Ahlia University - Local Finals.jpgAhlia University - Local Finals1280 x 85490 KB 9/29/2015 5:22 AM
Ahlia University- Local finals.jpgAhlia University- Local finals854 x 128067 KB 9/29/2015 5:22 AM
Bahrain Polytechnic CFA Research Challenge.pdfBahrain Polytechnic CFA Research Challenge4002 KB 12/9/2016 12:09 PM
BIBF - LF.jpgBIBF - LF854 x 128067 KB 9/29/2015 5:22 AM
CFA Research Challenge - Bahrain Polytechnic (Final) (1).pdfCFA Research Challenge - Bahrain Polytechnic (Final) (1)2677 KB 12/9/2016 12:09 PM
Judges-LF.jpgJudges-LF1280 x 854153 KB 9/29/2015 5:22 AM
President-LF.jpgPresident-LF854 x 1280100 KB 9/29/2015 5:22 AM
RC-Final photo.jpgRC-Final photo1280 x 854193 KB 9/29/2015 5:22 AM
Royal Uni for Women-LF.jpgRoyal Uni for Women-LF854 x 1280104 KB 9/29/2015 5:22 AM
Uni of Bahrain presenting- 2015.jpgUni of Bahrain presenting- 20151280 x 854106 KB 9/29/2015 5:22 AM
University of Bahrain - Amsterdam.jpgUniversity of Bahrain - Amsterdam960 x 64065 KB 9/29/2015 5:22 AM
winning team _ advisor.jpgwinning team _ advisor1280 x 853120 KB 9/29/2015 5:22 AM
Winning team 2015.jpgWinning team 20151280 x 85487 KB 9/29/2015 5:22 AM

 Subject Company

 Zain is a leading mobile telecommunications provider in the Middle East and North Africa. Zain operates under its own brand name in Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, South Sudan; and in Lebanon as touch (under a management contract).

Telecommunication regulatory authority issued an individual mobile telecommunication license to Zain Bahrain on 22nd, April, 2003. Zain is the second largest telecommunication company in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It had 724,548 subscribers in 2003.Zain has many branches all over the kingdom, almost in all the malls and areas. Recently, Zain launched the 4G LTE Network. As well as, it was the first to launch a nationwide combined EDGE and 3G network in the Middle East in 2003, also, the first to launch mobile TV services in 2004. Zain provides many products and services; the mobile is having 76.6% of the total revenue, Interconnection 4.2%, Fixed Wireless 10.2% and other product and services 9.1%.​ 
BIBF - Research Report 2015.pdfBIBF - Research Report 2015
Ahlia University - Research Report  2015.pdfAhlia University - Research Report 2015
UOB Team Report  2015.pdfUOB Team Report 2015
RUW Research Report 2015.pdfRUW Research Report 2015
BIBF Final Presentation 2015.pptxBIBF Final Presentation 2015
Ahlia Final Presentation 2015.pptxAhlia Final Presentation 2015
UOB Presentation 2015.pptxUOB Presentation 2015
RUW Presentation 2015.pptxRUW Presentation 2015