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 Canadian Investment Performance Council

The Canadian Investment Performance Council (CIPC) of CFA Societies Canada is a council of independently minded expert volunteers from across Canada. The objective of the CIPC is to provide thought leadership on investment performance best practices and promote adoption of the GIPS® standards in the pursuit of fairness and transparency for Canadian market participants. The CIPC was formed in 2008 as a national initiative of the Canadian CFA Societies, to promote adherence to the highest standards of ethical behaviour, encourage professional development through the CFA program and facilitate respectful open exchange of information and opinions. The CIPC is currently recognized by CFA Institute as the official sponsor of the GIPS Standards for the Canadian market.

From time to time, the
CIPC publishes articles and presentations on performance topics.

Note: The Canadian Investment Performance Council has translated the 2020 GIPS Claims of Compliance from English to French to assist compliant firms in their communications with clients and the public. The CIPC is interested in hearing from Canadian firms, asset owners, and their verifiers as to whether further French translations of the GIPS Standards would be beneficial. Click here to get your French version of the Claims of Compliance for firms and for asset owners. Any requests or comments can be sent to [email protected].