CFA Societies Canada

 Putting Investors First

We are proud to join with many other member societies of CFA Institute from around the world to recognize Putting Investors First, a global initiative that seeks to build awareness and unite investment professionals in a commitment to place investor interests above all others.

We all share the responsibility of using our professionalism to build a stronger investment management industry. By promoting endorsement of the Statement of Investor Rights, you put investors first and become part of the movement towards a brighter future of finance.

Join the global movement. Endorse and share the Statement of Investment Rights.

Focus on Fees
This guide explains the importance of fees and fee structures for individual investors. The CFA Institute Statement of Investor Rights says individuals have the right to “an explanation of all fees and costs charged to me, and information showing th​ese expenses to be fair and reasonable.”
Fees are a tool to align incentives, and pros a​nd cons of four common structures are discussed, including potential conflicts of interest. Focus on Fees also provides a sample of the effect of fees on a portfolio over time and a list of questions to consider when evaluating fees related to professional investment advice. This guide helps investors ensure their interests are being put first.​

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