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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​CFA Society Cayman Islands partners with Radio Cayman to create Money Sense Podcasts.


 2017 Money Sense Podcasts


Join us on Money Sense Radio as we discuss the unusually low volatility we are currently experiencing in the equity markets. What are some of the reasons or theories that might be causing this – tune in to find out!



 MoneySense interviews Alice Ramos and Rich Ellison – sponsors of the Saxon Student Investment Challenge and learn what students are doing to further their knowledge of the stockmarket and investing


 MoneySense interviews Tuur Demeester about bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and whether or how investors can participate.



MoneySense interviews Rebecca Spang a Professor of History at Indiana University and the author of the book "Stuff and Money in the time of the French Revolution".  We discuss the history of money and its role in the world today.


MoneySense interviews Jeff Snider of Alhambra Investment Partners about Money, Eurodollars and the state of the current monetary system.


MoneySense interviews Aaron Chan, from Real Vision, and discusses what investors should and can learn from some of the legends of the investment industry.


 MoneySense interviews Jessica Jablonowski and takes questions from the radio audience about personal investments. 



 MoneySense features Emil Kalinowski discussing how financial liquidity expansion and contraction has since 1800 regularly caused the tides of globalization to surge and ebb.



Join MoneySense for an in depth conversation on insurance and potential money-saving tips.



MoneySense interview the CEO of Health City Cayman Islands about the business, history and opportunities of medical tourism and its implications for the Cayman Islands economy.


 MoneySense chats with Aaron Chan of Real Vision about the looming pension crisis, how to stay out of trouble and potential opportunities in the future.


1 June

MoneySense interviews Mario Ebanks about immigration policy in the Cayman Islands.  We discuss whether immigration benefits economies, and what should Cayman do to improve its policies in this regard?

18 May

Money Sense interviews a neurologist with respect to cannabis as a medical solution as well as an exploration of ways to invest in cannabis stocks.

4 May

Join us on Money Sense as we interview Emil Kalinowski, a metals analyst, and discuss precious metals as an asset class and the allocation you should consider in your portfolio.

23 March

Join MoneySense as we interview Anthony Travers about his views on the economic outlook for Cayman and hear his thoughts on what policies politicians need to implement and those they should scrap.

9 March


23 February

 Randi Tolber, CFA & Monique Frederick, CFA.  We discussed the role of the CFA Institute in today’s ever changing world and how the CFA Institute helps to represent investors.

 9 February 
Join us on Money Sense with Dr Keith Black, Managing Director of Curriculum and Exams for the CAIA Association as we discuss the state of the Alternatives Industry and benefits of the CAIA designation.

12 ​January

 Real Estate: Join us on Money Sense with Michael Treacy, Charter Surveyor and Stefan Prior, Real Estate Agent as we discuss the Cayman property market and real estate as an investment class.

27 January

 MoneySense interviews Minister Rivers (Minister of Pensions) and Superintendent of Pensions Ms Wolliston about recent legislative changes to the Cayman pensions regime.  Find out what it means for you and your pension.

 2016 Money Sense Podcasts




 MoneySense interview Steve McIntosh on the job opportunities of the future
in the Cayman financial arena and discusses topics of concern for businesses on island.
Meb Faber from Cambria Investment Management join us and explains the benefits Quantitative Investment Strategies and importance of cost structure in your investment portfolio. 
22 September
MoneySense discusses Annuities and their role in the investing world. As people approach retirement in Cayman planning and understanding annuities is crucial to financial stability in retirement.

MoneySense interviews Grant Williams and discusses amongst other things, the US election, helicopter money and the looming pension crisis in developed economies; we further examine the problems in the Cayman Islands with the government pension system.​

Money Sense interviews Rich Ellison, CFA who is one of the Founder of OneTradEx, as we discuss various assets classes and ways for retail investors to gain exposure using self-directed and managed accounts.
Money Sense interviews Des Kinch, CFA who is the founder and CIO of Overseas Asset Management. Listen to Des’ views on global markets and his view on market valuations. 
Money Sense interviews Raoul Pal, the author of "Global Macro Investor" and we discuss global markets and what investors can do to navigate the problems we face.
Money Sense interviews the Deputy Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, Carl Emmerson as we discuss the impact of the Brexit decision on global markets.
Money Sense interviews Minister Wayne Panton and Jude Scott and we discuss the finance industry in the Cayman Islands and what Cayman is doing to remain competitive in an ever-changing world​.
Money Sense interviews Minister Wayne Panton and Jude Scott and we discuss the finance industry in the Cayman Islands and what Cayman is doing to remain competitive in an ever-changing world​.

5 MAY  
 Money Sense interviews Jude Scott, CEO of Cayman Finance and we discuss some of the challenges facing Cayman's economy. 
Listen to money sense as we interview Mr Anthony Travers, Chairman of the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange and former Chairman of Cayman Finance as we discuss the issues facing the financial community in Cayman and assess the quality of the actions taken by industry and government. ​

Money Sense interviews Grant Williams, co-founder of "RealVision" a subscrip​tion based financial video-on-demand company. Listen as Grant, a well-known investment commentator, discusses his views on some of the most pressing matters of the world today: from Brexit to the US elections and beyond.​

 Money Senseinterviews the President of the Cayman Islands Law Society about the legalindustry in the Cayman Islands, some of the challenges being faced along with adiscussion on why Cayman is where it is today.​
 Cayman Islands Society of Professional Accountants. Listen in to this show to hear aboutthe accounting industry in the Cayman Islands. Where did the industry come from, where is it going and how can you participate in it.
 100 Women in Hedge Funds. This show talks about the hedge fund industry in the Cayman Islands, the basics through to the advanced and in particular what role women play in it.​
 The Investment Industry: What went wrong and what needs to change: An Interview with Paul Smith, CEO of the CFA Institute​.​

 No Audio - Understanding the Banking Industry in Cayman.  Guests: Jude Scott (CEO Cayman Finance) and Mike McWatt (Chair Cayman Finance Banking Subcommittee).​
 Forecasting the trends for 2016: An Interview with Vikram Mansharamani​.​

 2015 Money Sense Podcasts

Cayman Finance: A deeper look. Guest Jude Scott.

No Audio: Forecasting the trends for 2016: An Interview with Vikram Mansharamani​


Financing Planning. Understanding the Basics. Guest: Georgie Loxton​.

 Cuba Investing and Healthcare Tourism as a business: Guest: Vikram Mansharamani.

​The CFA Global Research Challenge: The Cayman Participants.​
Property Investing in the Cayman Islands: What you should know. Guests Cathy William (Williams2 real estate) and Dallas Neatham (Commercial Banker at CIBC First Caribbean)​.​​
 Pensions in the Cayman Islands; the key Issues to be aware of. A conversation with Minister Rivers, Ms Amy Wolliston (new Superintendent of Pensions) and Mr Mario Ebanks (retiring Director Department Pensions and Labour)​.​​

 Current Market Turmoil. What's going on in Greece, China and everywhere else. Guests: Christoph Barnett and Georgie Loxton​.​​​

 Back to Investing Basics. A conversation with Christoph Barnett and Yves Martel​.

 No Audio - Investing in Commodities and Gold. The basic facts. An interview with Mike Kyn.

 No Audio - A conversation with 100 Women in Hedge Funds and their leadership activities in Cayman along with an interview with Monique Frederick, CFA, President CFA Society Cayman Islands discussing the purpose and goals of the Money Sense radio show.