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June 18, 2021​
​Quinn Boortz
John LaForge
Gary Lin
Richard Kimble, CFA
​Real Estate Market Outlook Panel
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​May 5, 2021
​Barbara Steward, CFA
​"Rich Thinking"
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​April 28, 2021
​Tadas Viskanta, Ritholtz Wealth Management
"The Democratization of Investing: A Virtual fireside chat with Tadas Viskanta"
​Recording available upon request
​April 7, 2021
​Dr. Jack Vogel, Alpha Architect
​"Momentum Investing"
​Recording available upon request
​February 25, 2021
​Howard Marks, CFA, Oaktree Capital Management
​Fireside chat with Howard Marks

​February 16, 2021
​James Rich, Aegon Asset Management
​"Aligning with Sustainable Megatrends to Uncover Alpha in Fixed Income"
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​January 20, 2021
​Bryan Jordan, CFA, Nationwide Insurance
​"Nationwide Market Insights"
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​January 19, 2021
​ESG Panel - Jane Marie Petty, ChFC, Wells Fargo
Navin Goyal M.D., Loud Capital
Greg Shell, Bain Capital
​"Social Impact Investing Across Asset Classes"

​January 14, 2021
​Michael Hunstad, Ph.D. - Northern Trust Asset Management
​The Quantitative Risk Report
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​January 12, 2021
​Amin Shams - The Ohio State University
​Cryptocurrencies, Trading Ecosystem, and Potential Market Risks
​Slides available to members of CFA Societies upon request
​December 10, 2020
​Anthony Scaramucci - SkyBridge Capital
​Fireside Chat with Anthony Scaramucci
​December 9, 2020
​Dina Fliss, Andy Edstrom, Ric Edelman and Matt Hougan
​Cryptocurrency Panel
​December 8, 2020
​Harindra de Silva, Ph.D., CFA - Wells Fargo Asset Management
"Factor Exposure - Don't set it and forget it"​

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​December 2, 2020
​Matt Hougan - Bitwise Asset Management
"A Professional Investor's Guide To Cryptoassets: Everything You Need To Know About A Rapidly Emerging Asset Class"​

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​November 17, 2020
​Rich Pzena - Pzena Investment Management
​"Value isn't a Factor, it's a Philosophy"
​Pzena Newsletter 4Q19
​November 12, 2020
​Ed Kerschner - Columbia Threadneedle
​Marco Outlook
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​November 5, 2020
​Rebecca Fender, CFA - CFA Institute
​"The Investment Professional of the Future"
​October 27, 2020
​Eagle Alpha and Tal Sansani, CFA
​" Applications of Machine Learning in Investment Management
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Eagle Alpha - A white paper we recently co-authored with Man Group  
Eagle Alpha - Our white paper for the buyside 
​October 21, 2020
​Rick Roche, Little Harbor Advisors and Ketih Black, CFA, CAIA
​"The Evolution of Machine Learning in Investment Management"
"Introduction to the Financial Data Professional Institute"
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​October 20, 2020
​Courtney Rosenberger - Strategas

​October 14, 2020
​Jon Christensen, CFA - Kayne Andersen Rudnick
​Understanding why Quality Trumps Grovth versus Value 
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​October 6, 2020
​Jennifer Latz - CFRA
​Mind the GAAP (Forensic Accounting)
​September 23, 2020
​Ken Robinson, CFA and Ivana Bertuzzelli, CIPM
​2020 GIPS Standard World Tour
​September 10, 2020
​Heather Brilliant, CFA, Aaron Filbeck, CFA and Dr. David Kelly
​Navigating Rapid Change in the Investment Management Industry
​July 28, 2020
​Dr. Andrew Ang, BlackRock
​Trends in Factor Investing: Industry growth and positioning for the future
​June 10, 2020 
​Glen Yelton, Invesco
​Issues in Sustainable Investing for the Asset Allocator
​June 4, 2020
​Andrew Wellington, Lyrical Asset Management
​Value Investing: Why last decade was one of worst, and next decade should be one of the best

May 5, 2020
Thomas Ricketts, CFA, Evolutionary Tree Capital Management
​Innovation Investing: Navigating Accerlating Change in an Evolving Economy
​April 23, 2020
​Yung-Shin Kung, Credit Suisse's Quantitative Investment Strategies Group
​Alternative Risk Premia and the Quest for Diversification
​April 15, 2020
​Robert Forsyth, State Street Global Advisors
​ETF; NAV vs Market Price
April 7, 2020
Sam Korus, ARK Invest
​Opportunities in Disruptive Innovation: Battery Storage, Robotics, and Space Exploration
​March 25, 2020
​Jay Jacobs, CFA, Global X
​March 4, 2020
​David Muller, Ashmore Investment Management
​Emerging Markets Fixed Income Outlook w/a Focus on EM Corporate Debt
​February 26, 2020
​Rael McNally, BlackRock's Global Renewable Power Group
​Investing in Renewable Power
​February 20, 2020
​Matt Orton, CFA, Carillon Tower Advisors
​Room to Run: Dude, where's my negative catalyst?
​February 4, 2020
​Michael Caldwell, Driehaus Capital
​Coutning Cards in Biotech
​January 21, 2020​Tom Tzitzouris, Strategas2020 Fixed Income Outlook: Will Drag from Trade War Ease and Give Rise to a Late Cycle Acceleration
​January 15, 2020​Maria Li, CFA, Goldman Sachs​Macro Outlook
​December 12, 2019
​Robert J. Greer, CoreCommodity

​December 4, 2019 
​Tony Gould, CFA, CAIA, AQR Capital Management
​Active Fixed Income Illusions
November 12, 2019
Michael Collins, CFA, PGIMConstructing Optimal Fixed Income in a Zero Interest Rate World
November 5, 2019
Suhail Shaikh, CFA, Fulcrum Asset Management
Using Macroeconomic Data in Dynamic Asset Allocation
October 22, 2019
Bill Zox, CFA, Diamond Hill Capital Management

​Fireside Chat w/Bill Zox
​October 18, 2019
​Anthony Scaramucci, SkyBridge Capital
​Fireside Chat w/Anthony Scaramucci
​September 18, 2019
​Steve Lipper, CFA, Royce & Associates
​Spectrum of Value Investing
​September 10, 2019
​William Jacques, CFA, Martingale Asset Managment
​Making Sense of Factors: A Practitioner's View
​June 25, 2019
​H. Cameron Hinds, CFA, Well Fargo Private Bank
​2019 Outlook - The End of Easy
​June 20, 2019
​B. Scott Minerd, Guggenheim Investments
​Macroeconomic Outlook
​May 23, 2019​Bryan Kelly, AQR​Can Machines Learn Finance?
​May 15, 2019​Jafar Rizvi, Harding Loevner​International Small Caps
​April 30, 2019​Justin Birru, The Ohio State University​Seasonally Recurring Patterns in the Cross-Section of Returns
April 23, 2019​David Adams, CFA, Morgan Stanley​The End of Dollar Dominance
​April 16, 2019​Tim Urbanowicz, CFA, Invesco​Overview of Current Fixed Income and ETF's
​March 27, 2019​Jared Barnett, ARK Investments​The Genomic Revolution
​March 5, 2019​Alec Young, FTSE Russell​Global Macro Market Outlook
​February 21, 2019​Howard Marks, Oaktree​Fireside Chat w/Mr. Marks
February 6, 2019​​Allison Fisch of Pzena​Capitalizinf on Uncertainty: The Value Advantage in Emerging Markets
​January 24, 2019 ​Michael Fink
​A New Perspective on Retirement Income Planning
​January 9, 2019​David Bianco of DeutscheMarket Outlook​
​December 5, 2018​Charlie Bobrinskoy of Ariel​Chaos Theroy and Investing
​November 14, 2018​Ben Phillips of EventShares​Policy after Midterms
​November 6, 2018​Erik Stafford, John A. Paulson Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business SchoolReplicating Private Equity​
​October 23, 2018​Steve Hlavin, Nuveen​Municipal Market Update
​October 16, 2018​Ken Fisher​Market Outlook
​October 9, 2018​Meredith Jones​Gender Diversity in Investment Management
​September 18, 2018​Seth Meyer - Janus Henderson​High Yield Fixed Income
​June 12, 2018​Garrick Bauer - Fort Washington​Late Cycle Expectations: High Yield Spreads vs. Rising Rates
​June 5, 2018​Roger Hallam - The Rise and Fall of the US Dollar​
May 22, 2018​Brian Kraus, CFA - Hartford Funds​Avoiding the Pitfalls in Smart Beta
​May 10, 2018​Ken French - Roth Family Distinguished Professor of Finance at the Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College​Which Factors?
​April 11, 2018​Brad Case, CFA - NAREIT​Equity Investing in Real Estate Through Public and Private Markets
​April 4, 2018​Kathleen Gaffney, CFA - Eaton Vance​Bond Investing in Today's Market Environment
​March 14, 2018​Eric Sorensen, Ph.D. - PanAgora​Smart Data and Big Beta --- New Wine in Old Skins
​March 6, 2018​Jim Vogel, CFA - FTN Financial​Where Do Interest Rates Come From? (And where they're going next)
​February 20, 2018​James Levine - Oz Management​Current State of the Market
​February 16, 2018​Research Challenge - Local Finals
​February 13, 2018​Julian Lyne - Newton Investments Management​ESG Investing: Buzzwords or Better Investment?
​January 23, 2018​Ian Wallace - Third Point
​December 12, 2017​Tim O'Neill Goldman  Sachs
December 5, 2017​Frank Rybinski, CFA - Aegon Asset Management​On Demographics, Growth and Investing
​November 29, 2017​Matthew McLennan, CFA - First Eagle ManagementValue of Scarcity
​November 14, 2017​R.J.Hottovy, CFA, Morningstar​Amazon
​October 18, 2017​Mark Lynch, Wellington Management​Asymmetric Investing
​September 27, 2017​Lu Zhang, The Ohio State University​Replicating Anomalies
​September 12, 2017​Jamie Dinan, York Capital Management​Market Outlook
​June 20, 2017​Jedediah Koenigsberg - MFS​Assessing the Risks and Opportunities in Global Fixed Income
​May 10, 2017​Paul Smith, CFA - CFA Institute​Building the Investment Management Profession
​April 19, 2017​Marc Chandler - BBH​Politics Trumps Economics - a survey of the forces shaping the investment climate
​March 22, 2017 ​Marvin Loh - BNYM​Market Update - Navigating Unchartered Waters
​February 28, 2017​Joel Greenblatt - Gotham Capital
​February 23, 2017​Steven R. Malin, Ph.D. - Allianz Global InvestorsNew Regimes for a Changed World
​February 9, 2017​Mark Carhart - Kepos Capital
​January 24, 2017​Nicholas Bohnsack - Strategas​Stay Selective Amid Late-Cycle Re-Acceleration
​December 14, 2016​Dr. Andrew Ang - BlackRock​Factor-Based Investing
​November 16, 2016​Marc Seidner, CFA - PIMCO​Dealing with Disruption
November 2, 2016​Rob Arnott - Research Affiliates​Data Mining, Performance Chasing, and the Quest for Real Returns
​October 12, 2016​David Rubenstein - The Carlyle Group​Ten Question That Everyone Should Ask About The Global Economy & Investment Environment
​August 31, 2016​Myron Scholes, Ph.D. - Janus Capital Group​The Fallacy of Averages in Investing
​August 18, 2016​Libby Cantrill, CFA - PIMCO​Washington Update: Inside the Beltway
​June 1, 2016​Adam L. Berger, CFA - Wellington Management​Redefining the Long Term: Four Capital Market Trends for the next 20 years
​May 18, 2016​Barry Rosenstein and David DiDomenico - JANA Partners​A JANA Activist Case Study
​April 7, 2016​Jason Vaillancourt, CFA - Putnam InvestmentsMulti-Asset Investing and the Changing Landscape of Asset Management​
​February 9, 2016​David W. Berson - Nationwide Economics​Recent Market Volatility and the Impact on the Outlook
​January 21, 2016​John Tousley, CFA - Goldman Sachs ​Goldman Sachs - Market and Economic Perspectives
​January 12, 2016​Seth Birnbaum, CFA - Bridgewater​Global Market Outlook
​January 6, 2016​Clifford S. Asness, Ph.D. - AQR Capital Management​Styles, Can a Good Thing Last
​December 2, 2015​Ellis Tallman - Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland​Economic Conditions, the Outlook, and Monetary Policy
​November 18, 2015​Ashley Lester, Ph.D. - Schroders​Risk Management & Risk Premia Investing
​November 5, 2015​W. Ben Hunt, Ph.D. - Salient Partners​Capital Markets & Game Theory
​October 15, 2015​John Pinkel, CFA -  Indus Capital​Navigating Current Investment Landscape in China and Asia
​September 30, 2015​Toby Moskowitz, Ph.D. -  Principal and Fama Professor of Finance University of Chicago​Common Factors in Sports and Investing
​September 23, 2015​Charles Brandes - Brandes Investment Partners​Charles Brandes: On Value
​June 26, 2015​David Bonderman - TPG​A Discussion on the Global Economy and Trends in Private Equity
​June 10, 2015​Wallace Weitz, CFA - Weitz Investment Management​45 Years in Value Land
​May 20, 2015 ​Professional Development Events - Chris Mayer; Tom Saberhagen - Akre Capital; Career Development Panel
April 8, 2015Larry Fink - BlackRockA Conversation with Larry Fink
March 10, 2015Local Experts PanelInvestor Alpha Symposium
February 19, 2015George Siguler - Siguler Guff Private Equity: Philosophy, Governance, and Expected Returns - Past, Present and Future
February 18, 2015Howard Marks - Oaktree Capital ManagementOutlook on Economies and Markets
January 21, 2015Drew Edwards - Advisory Research, Inc.Investing in the Rapidly Changing Japanese Market - An Institutional Value Investor's Perspective
December 4, 2014Melissa Brown - AxiomaThe Current Risk Landscape
November 5, 2014Dan Fuss - Loomis SaylesFireside Chat
October 22, 2014Ryan Dobratz, CFA - Third Avenue ManagementFinding Value in Global Real Estate
September 17, 2014Michael Kantrowitz, CFA - Cornerstone MacroThe Great Commoderation
June 18, 2014John Lowe, CEO - Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams Talent, Hustle & Guts: Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams Tries To Make The Quantum Leap
May 21, 2014C. Troy Shaver - Goldman SachsUS Energy and the Transformation of our Economy
April 22, 2014John Sinnenberg - Cyprium Investment PartnersNon-Controlling Solutions for Privately Owned Middle Market Companies
April 9, 2014JANA PartnersJANA Partners Case Study
March 19, 2014AJ Righter - Southam Consulting
Speaking "Up" - How to Speak About Tough Issues with your Leadership
March 6, 2014 Mark Niquette - investigative reporter from Bloomberg News Education Workshop
March 6, 2014 Michael Holt, CFA - Director of Equity Research at Morningstar Education Workshop
February 12, 2014Dr. LaVaughn Henry - Vice President and Senior Regional Officer of the Cincinnati Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of ClevelandThe Current Status and Outlook of the US Economy


February 12, 2014Jim Chanos - Founder and Managing Partner of Kynikos Associates LPShort Selling China - What Has Changed Since 2010?
January 22, 2014Jamie Li - International Portfolio Manager, STRS OhioInternational Market and Economic Outlook
November 6, 2013Michael Glimcher - CEO, Glimcher Realty TrustFireside Chat format
October 15, 2013Abel Mojica III - Head of Corporate Developement, Tortise Capital AdvisorsIt's Morning in America - Hail to the Shale!
September 18, 2013Greg Valliere - Chief Political Strategist, Potomac Research GroupChange Finally Comes to Washington as Fiscal Restraint Takes Hold
June 5, 2013Jennifer Hardin - Chief Advisory Attorney, Ohio Ethics CommisionEthics and Compliance
May 15, 2013David F. Holstein, CFA - Capital International InvestorsEmerging Markets as a Single Asset Class
April 4, 2013Brian Singer, CFA - William BlairBuilding Portfolios in the New Economy: Strategic Asset Allocation
February 26, 2013Satch Chada & Robert Hyman - JefferiesCore Commodities


February 7, 2013Brad Kinkelaar - PIMCOGlobal Dividend Investing


January 25, 2013Tony Crescenzi - PIMCOThe Outlook for the Global Economy and Investment Strategies for 2013


December 13,2012Dr. Frank James2013 Economic Outlook


November 7, 2012Michael Mendelson - AQRRisk Parity: Everything, in Moderation

October 10, 2012

Abby Joseph Cohen - Goldman Sachs

Filtering Out the Noise in the Economy and Markets

September 27, 2012

John Rogers, CFA - CFA Institute

Restoring the Trust and the Future of Finance

June 20, 2012

Glenn Hutchins - Silver Lake

The End Game

May 23, 2012

John Rubino - Author/Columnist

A Choice of Crises

April 18, 2012

Dan Fuss, CFA - Loomis, Sayles & Company

Market Outlook

March 20, 2012

Edward Keating - Lazard Asset Management

The Unique Characteristics of the Global Infrastructure Asset Class

January 24, 2012

Frank Korth, Brian Jordan & John Loesch

Local Experts Panel - Forecast Dinner

December 13, 2011

Kenneth Brody - Taconic Capital Advisors

Navagating Through a Turbulant Global Environment

November 16, 2011

Peter Hadden & Amy Dymock - Ballie Gifford

Emerging Market Opportunities and Outlook

October 27, 2011

Alejandra Grindal - Ned Davis Research, Inc.

Global Demographics

October 13, 2011

Simon Lack - SL Advisors, LLC

The Truth About Hedge Funds

June 27, 2011

Mark Anson, CFA - Oak Hill Investment Management

Real Return Strategies: What's Real and What's Not So Real

April 14, 2011

Howard Marks - Oaktree Capital Management

The Human Side of Investing

February 22, 2011

Jamie Li, Bill Zox, Bill Henderly & Craig Fullen

Local Experts Panel - Forecast Dinner

January 18, 2011

Charles Mounts - KnightCapital Group

Three Threats, One Risk

December 14, 2010

Jeff Rosenberg - Bank of America/Merrill Lynch

State of the Credit Markets

November 10, 2010

Russel Bernard - Westport Capital Partners

Distressed and Opportunistic Real Estate Investing

October 26, 2010

Don Ross - Titanium Asset Management, Corp.

Global Macro: An Investment Strategy For All Seasons

September 22, 2010Greg Valliere - Potomach Research GroupThe November Elections: How Bad a Battering for the Democrats?
June 8, 2010William Poole - CATO InstituteLessons from Greece for the United States
May 25, 2010Rene Stulz - The Ohio State UniversityRisk Management: Lessons from the Credit Crisis
April 21, 2010Tony Crescenzi - PIMCOInvesting in the New Normal
March 25, 2010Lauren Templeton - Lauren Templeton Capital ManagementBuying at the Point of Maximum Pessimism
February 24, 2010Ian Lapey - Third Avenue Value FundDistressed Investing
February 16, 2010David Zervos - Jeffries & Co.Fed Reflation vs. European Detonation

January 26, 2010

Stuart Schweistzer, Don Strazsheim, Steven Ricchiuto & Alan BraxtonExpert Panel - Forecast Dinner
January 12, 2010Dan Clifton - Strategies Research Partners, LLCWashington D.C.: The New Alpha for Wall Street
December 10, 2009Patrick Dorsey, CFA - MorningstarDurable Competitive Advantages
November 4, 2009Michael Acton, CFA - AEW Capital Management, LPThe Great Recession is Ending - Now What?