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CFAH Meeting - Brian Nelson - Valuentum

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Since we are at maximum seating capacity, no walk-ins will be allowed. 
Trust the Numbers, Not Just Management: How Simple Financial Statement Analysis Could Save Your Clients Big

Mr. Nelson will walk through his experiences in valuation and financial statement analysis within the stock selection process to help portfolio managers learn how to optimize the strength and resilience of client portfolios--those either built for capital appreciation or income, or both.

The centerpiece of the presentation will be a discussion on midstream corporate Kinder Morgan (KMI) and the master limited partnership (MLP) business model, in general, and how applying tried-and-true financial statement, valuation, and credit analysis (in the Valuentum approach) put portfolio managers far ahead the dividend/distribution cuts and the massive slide in share prices. The most compelling portion of the analysis will be showing portfolio managers the large differences between what management teams put in investor presentations for their viewing versus what is provided in their respective regulatory statements.

In addition to walking through the story arc of the Valuentum’s “call” on Kinder Morgan and the risks related to the MLP space, in general, Mr. Nelson will offer a hands-on opportunity outlining which line items to pay the most attention to within the financial statements. The financial statements of Apple (AAPL) and Energy Transfer Equity (ETE) will be used and provided to attendees to compare and contrast this dynamic.

Mr. Nelson will also introduce the Dividend Cushion ratio, a forward-looking, comprehensive coverage ratio that uses Valuentum analyst forecasts of future free cash flows, the net balance sheet, and cash dividends paid to assess the health of the dividend. The Dividend Cushion ratio has helped individuals and financial advisors alike in assessing the risks of a dividend cut; it has predicted dividend cuts in advance across a wide variety of different sectors and can be a valuable tool for the portfolio manager.

The key learning objectives are as follows: 1) help portfolio managers understand the potential differences that can occur between investor relations material and what may actually be going on with a company, as represented in regulatory filings. 2) Provide a hands-on workshop that clearly defines the difference between companies with resilient and strong financials and those with weakening and susceptible ones (the contrast will be striking). 3) Offer a helpful tool that can be used in the portfolio management setting to assess the risk of income cuts within any portfolio.

Brian Nelson, CFA
President, Equity Research & EFT Analysis

Brian Nelson is the president of equity research and ETF analysis at Valuentum Securities.

He is the architect behind the company’s research methodology and processes, developing the Valuentum Buying Index rating system, the Economic Castle rating, and the Dividend Cushion ratio. Mr. Nelson has acted as editor-in-chief of the firm’s Best Ideas Newsletter and Dividend Growth Newsletter since their inception.

Before founding Valuentum in early 2011, Brian worked as a director at Morningstar, where he was responsible for training and methodology development within the firm's equity and credit research department. Prior to that position, he served as a senior industrials securities analyst covering aerospace, airlines, construction, and environmental services companies.

Before joining Morningstar in February 2006, Mr. Nelson worked for a small capitalization fund covering a variety of sectors for an aggressive growth investment management firm in Chicago. He holds a Bachelor's degree in finance and a minor in mathematics, magna cum laude, from Benedictine University. Mr. Nelson has an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and also holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

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3/8/2017 11:30 AM

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3/8/2017 1:00 PM





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Maggiano's Little Italy

2019 Post Oak Blvd

Houston, TX 77056



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