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Daniel J Sailer-Final.jpgPRESIDENT
Dan Sailer, ​CFA
Email: Dan

Dan Sailer, CFA is a manager in the Business Valuation Services Group at Katz, Sapper, & Miller. He provides valuation and business advisory services for estate and gift planning, succession planning, mergers and acquisitions, employee stock ownership programs (ESOPs), and for dispute purposes. Dan previously was a consultant with a boutique corporate advisory firm specializing in turnarounds and restructurings. He received a Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business.

bio-portrait-placeholder.jpgVICE PRESIDENT
Matt Henry, ​CFA
Email: Matt

Matt Henry, CFA is a Portfolio Manager and Equity Team Leader at Old National Wealth Management.  Matt is responsible for over $1 billion in assets and specializes in institutional, foundation, endowment, and non-profit portfolios.  Matt also serves as Adjunct Faculty at Ball State University and as a member of the Lilly Endowment / Community Foundation Scholarship Selection Committee for the Community Foundation of Muncie & Delaware County.  Matt holds a BA from the Miller College of Business at Ball State University and an MBA from Western Governors University.  Matt was a 2017 recipient of ​The Star Press and ​M Magazine's ​20 Under 40 award.  Matt volunteers with Indiana Sports Corp and Wheeler Mission.​

Paige Sheraw.jpegSECRETARY 
Paige Sheraw, CFA 
Email: Paige

Paige Sheraw, CFA is a director on the Investor Relations team at Anthem where she helps manage the communications between the company and the investment community.  Prior to joining Investor Relations, Paige managed the fixed income portion of the $24B investment portfolio at Anthem.  She also held various investment and treasury-related roles with local firms in Indiana.  Paige earned a Bachelor’s degree from Butler University.

Austin Crites, CFA​
Email: Austin​​

Austin joined the board in 2017 and currently serves as Treasurer. Professionally, Austin is an equity analyst for Goelzer Investment Management working as a generalist supporting value and dividend style portfolios. He is also co-portfolio manager on Goelzer’s ESG portfolios. Austin received a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Marian University.​ He currently lives in Indianapolis with his wife Kundai and pursues a wide range of hobbies including recreational soccer, Chicago Cubs fandom, strategy video games, and making hard cider.​


  • Eric Thornburgh, CFA

  • Neil Banwart, CFA
  • Sunjay Goel, CFA​
  • Nagendra Rayapureddi, PhD, CFA, CPA
  • Vincent Riedy, CFA
  • Andy Thorne, CFA​

  • ​​Dan Ford, CFA

  • ​​Mitch DePoy, CFA, CPA​
  • Sunjay Goel, CFA​
  • ​Andy Thorne, CFA​
  • Matt Cushman, CFA
  • Kris Patel, CFA 
  • ​Kenny Blickenstaff, CFA​​​
  • ​Jared Luegers, CFA
  • ​Kris Patel, CFA 


Andy Thorne, CFA, 2017-2018
Mitch DePoy, CFA, 2016-2017
Brad Ferguson, CFA, 2015-2016
im Voegele, CFA, 2014-2015

Todd E. Sears, CFA, 2013-2014
James Bergstrom, CFA, 2012-2013
Sunil Mohandas, CFA, 2011-2012
Bill Wendling, CFA, 2010-2011
Brendan McGrath, CFA, 2009-2010
Robert Twitchell, CFA, 2008-2009
Charlotte Lippert, CFA, 2007-2008
Marsha K. Callahan, CFA, 2006-2007
Jeff C. Mantock, CFA, 2005-2006
Chad S. Kaufman, CFA, 2004-2005
Robert L. Schaefer, CFA, 2003-2004
Gary Andrew Stratten, CFA, 2002-2003
Lavone Whitmer, CFA, 2001-2002
Jeffrey G. Dowden, CFA, 2000-2001
Christopher D. Pahlke, CFA, 1999-2000
Lisa Foxworthy-Parker, CFA, 1998-1999
Milton J. Miller, CFA, 1997-1998
Thomas A. Meyers, CFA, 1996-1997
Susan Mahan Fasig, CFA, 1995-1996
Thomas A. Meyers, CFA, 1994-1995
Gregory J. Hahn, CFA, 1993-1994
Elizabeth A. Meitzler, CFA, 1992-1993
Max Hudspeth, CFA, 1991-1992
Kent R. Adams, CFA, 1990-1991
Jeffrey W. Fountain, CFA, 1989-1990
Lee E. Livermore, CFA, 1988-1989
Richard Dennis Habing, 1987-1988
Gene E. Trueblood, 1986-1987
Norman C. Kleifgen Jr., 1985-1986
David E. Charlesworth, CFA, 1984-1985
Nicholas F. Kaiser, CFA, 1983-1984
Leland E. Tanner, 1982-1983
E. Lynn Plaster, 1981-1982
George D. Sapp, CFA, 1980-1981
Ross Allan Williams, CFA, 1979-1980
Terrence N. Jenkins, CFA, 1978-1979
Josephine M. Webster, CFA, 1977-1978
David A. Martin, CFA, 1976-1977
Richard H. Dyer, CFA, 1975-1976
Larry Keith Pitts, CFA, 1974-1975
William H. Krasean, 1973-1974
Roger E. Mahn, 1972-1973
Richard A. Sink, 1971-1972
Robert B. Jacobson, 1970-1971
G. Frank Holland II, CFA, 1969-1970
P. Roger Kumler, CFA, 1968-1969
James A. Rees, 1967-1968
Merle F. Kuhlman, 1966-1967
Frank A. Shackelford, 1965-1966
Leonard D. Schutt, 1964-1965
Meredith Nicholson III, 1963-1964
Claude H. Mathews, 1962-1963
John J. Carter, CFA, 1961-1962
Donald S. Lawhorn, CFA, 1960-1961
Luther C. Dilatush, 1959-1960
Julian A. Kiser, 1958-1959
J. Joseph Tuohy, 1957-1958
Alex S. Carroll, 1956-1957
Frank J. Travers, 1955-1956