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CFA Society Ireland launches "Money Matters"

CFA Society Ireland is proud to launch Money Matters, a new book to help Transition Year students become more comfortable with personal finance, investing, and enterprise, with the overarching aim of increasing the level of financial literacy in Ireland.

The book covers a wide range of topics, from managing household bills, choosing a credit card, choosing mortgages, and investing in the stock market. It is the first dedicated textbook for financial management for Irish students.

Our book aims to teach students the theory of finance to help them make informed and practical decisions when it comes to their own money.

We believe our Money Matters book will reach beyond the classroom and will be of interest to people from all walks of life.

To purchase a copy, please email [email protected] Price €12.95 plus postage. 

Sponsor a set of books to promote financial literacy

Money Matters is a financial literacy textbook aimed at promoting and building financial life skills among second level students. Written by Susan Hayes Culleton, it is a menu of personal finance, investing and entrepreneurship skills.

The book is tailored for young people through its story-focused learning environment and its relevance to current topics such as ESG, fintech, online brokers and using technology for active learning

It also gives a taste of the diversity of careers available today and tomorrow in finance. Each chapter contains a case study of a CFA charter holder and highlights how the theory learned in subjects like accounting, business, maths and economics connect with the practicality of everyday life and life-changing decisions

We are now seeking sponsors of class sets of Money Matters for schools around Ireland.

You/your employer can choose a school in your local area or close to your heart or we will match you with a school interested in teaching the module. In this way, you can enable a group of students to learn practical skills in investing, entrepreneurship and the financial markets while we take care of the logistics


SET OF 150 BOOKS = €1,500 (DISCOUNT OF €375)

SET OF 100 BOOKS = €1,000 (DISCOUNT OF €250)

SET OF 50 BOOKS = €500 (DISCOUNT OF €125)

SET OF 30 BOOKS = €300 (DISCOUNT OF €75)

Next Steps

Fill out our form at and we will set up a call to talk through the logistics and tailored plan for your sponsorship

We will organise delivery of the books to your chosen school or connect you with a school/group interested in teaching the module.

We will take care of all logistics and send you a photo of the books at the school/group for your dissemination across your social media channels

We will add your company logo to our web pages and post it on LinkedIn to acknowledge your support


Contact Details +353 86 100 3948

[email protected] [email protected]

Thank you to our Money Matters Sponsors

We are grateful to the following companies who have generaoulsy provided Money Matters textbooks to schools all over Ireland and who are helping us to improve financial literacy among second level students and their families.

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Niall McDonnell CFA, President at CFA Society Ireland, said:

"Every day I encounter family and friends, young and old, who don't know what mortgage rate they are paying, where their pension fund is invested or what rate they are being charged on loans."

"I hope that this book gives a solid foundation for teachers to teach financial literacy in their schools. I'm confident that students will find the book useful and that it will help them throughout their lives, whether they are simply looking to borrow money for a car or set up their own business or indeed if they decide to have a career in finance."

The author, Susan Hayes Culleton CFA, said:

"It has been an enormous pleasure to write this. It can make such a difference to an individual's life if they feel comfortable managing their own money. I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to work with thousands of teenagers each year and I'm always so impressed at their ability to absorb new tools and techniques with an open mind.

With thanks to CFA Institute and our publisher EdCo for their support and recognition of this project.