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「CFA® (Chartered Financial Analyst®)」概要



また、世界の監査機関もCFAの信頼性を認めています。米国では、殆どの州の証券監査機関がCFA資格者には投資アドバイザーの検定試験を、また、ニューヨーク証券取引所と金融取引行規制機構は、CFAのレベルⅡ合格者についてはResearch Analyst Qualification試験の一部を免除としています。オーストラリア、カナダ、ギリシャ、香港、シンガポール、トルコ、ベトナムの監査機関はCFAの試験は各国それぞれの免許・資格要件に準じると認めています。さらにインドネシア、パキスタン、タイでは、司法の場に携わる人たちにCFAの試験を義務付けています。
CFA協会元CEOのJeff Diermeier, CFAは、次のように述べています。


協会 Senior Managing Director のRobert Johnson, CFAは、次のように述べています。  「CFAの試験に成功した受験者は、金融投資の本質に精通し、グローバル市場を深く理解していることを示したことになります。CFAのプログラムは、毎年、投資業界の変化を反映し、投資の現場で活躍するCFAアナリストへの定期的かつ広範な調査を基に改訂されます。例えば、株式分析や職業規範はプログラムが開始された45年前から常に重要視され続けていますが、年々、業界のグローバル化、変化に伴いウェルス・プランニング、国際財務報告基準、オルタナティブ投資、デリバティブなどのテーマが加わってきました」。

 CFA Exam Fee Schedule

CFA Program Fees

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Program Enrollment Fee

A one-time program enrollment fee is required when you register for your first Level I CFA Program exam. You must also pay the exam registration fee (see below for deadlines).

Program enrollment fee
US$ 450

Exam Registration Fees and Deadlines

All registration deadlines end at 11:59 pm ET.

December 2017 Exam (Level I)

Early registration feeUS$ 650(ended 15 March 2017)
Standard registration fee US$ 930(ended 16 August 2017)
Late registration fee
US$ 1,380(ends 13 September 2017)
Register for an exam (login required)

June 2018 Exam (Levels I, II, III)

Early registration feeUS$ 650(ends 20 September 2017)
Standard registration fee
US$ 950(ends 14 February 2018)
Late registration fee
US$ 1,380(ends 14 March 2018)
Register for an exam (login required)

About Program Enrollment and Exam Registration Fees

The one-time program enrollment fee (see top of page) and the exam registration fee are payable in US dollars only (view payment options), and the fees are non-transferable and non-refundable. (View the CFA exam Level I withdrawal policy.)

The exam registration fee covers the cost of
  • The eBook (contains the complete curriculum you need to study)*
  • Topic-based practice tests
  • Mock exams

Learn more about the study materials and tools we provide to candidates

*You may purchase a print version of the curriculum (available for a non-refundable fee of US$150, plus any fees associated with shipping)** at the same time you register for an exam, or later.

**Curriculum shipments:  Refund policy, import duties, customs fees, taxes, and shipping fees

Payments for print curriculum orders are non-refundable once the order has been placed. International print curriculum shipments may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. You must pay any additional charge for customs clearance – we have no control over these charges and they vary from country to country. To avoid any issues with delivery of your curriculum, contact your local customs office. Review shipping and customs fees details.

Refund and deferral policies

A full refund of your enrollment and registration fees is available within two (2) business days of payment if you change your mind. Due to fluctuating exchange rates outside our control, we cannot guarantee that the exact amount paid to CFA Institute will be the same amount (in other currency) returned. Thereafter, enrollment and registration fees are nonrefundable, even in the event of a medical condition or other extreme circumstance. Enrollment and registration fees are non-transferable.

Registration deferrals to the next available exam are considered on a case-by-case basis for life-threatening or very serious illnesses (candidate or immediate family), expectant mothers, natural disasters, and mandatory military service. This does not guarantee a deferral to any candidate for any condition but instead provides CFA Institute with the discretion to determine which deferral requests it approves and denies. Candidates awarded a deferral are responsible for all applicable new curriculum charges. Deferral requests must be received by CFA Institute prior to the scheduled exam or within 10 U.S. business days after the exam date.



 CFA® Program

 「The CFA Program」

  • 日本語版(Japanese version)はこちらから
  • 英語版(English version) はしばらくおまちください。

Learn more from CFA Institute about the CFA designation and its significance.

 Scholarship Information

Scholarship Program for 2017 CFA exam

Access Scholarship :

The registration for Access scholarship (2017 CFA exam) has been already closed. Thank you. 

 CFA Institute Investment Foundations Certificate

CFA Institute Investment Foundations Certificateについてはこちらをご覧ください。(日本語)

Learn more about Claritas, please go to this page.(English)


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