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CFA Society Japan is going to organize its first University Ethics Challenge in 2021.

The University Ethics Challenge consists of the local competition and the APAC competition.

The CFA Society Japan University Ethics Challenge embodies the mission of CFA Institute by promoting "the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence." In addition, it focuses on many of the elements of CFA Institute's Future of Finance initiative. Equally as important, it helps prepare those entering the investment profession for the ethical challenges that they will face in the workplace.

Both graduate and undergraduate students are eligible for the Challenge.

 How it works

Each team shall consist of THREE members.

The Ethics Challenge comprises three segments. Each segment is going to be held in English.

(a) Japan Kickoff Meeting

(b) Japan Competition

(c) APAC Competition (Kickoff meeting and Competition)

 The winning university team from each local competition advances to APAC competition.

 At the (a) Kickoff Meeting, the members of CFA Society Japan provide more detailed guidance.

 At the (b) Japan Competition and (c) APAC Competition, competing teams are given a case study and tasked to identify and analyze the ethical issues. They are then tasked to resolve these issues.

Teams are judged based on their recommended course of action and their ability to identify the violations to the CFA Institute Code of Ethics & Standards of Professional Conduct.

 Benefit of Participation

Why You Should Participate in University Ethics Challenge:

(1) Helps you gain experience and knowledge about real-world ethical dilemmas and how to handle them

(2) Improves your presentation and teamwork skills

(3) Provides opportunities to network with the investment professionals

(4) Chance to combine your theoretical knowledge with real-world practice

(5) Enhances your university's brand and reputation

 Timeline in 2021

Japan Kickoff meeting : June 20th

Japan Competition : June 27th

APAC Competition : Will be held in October, specific date will be announced later

 How to get involved

  • Students: Find out if your university participates by asking your professor, our Society, or checking the participating universities list.
  • Universities: Form your team and give students the opportunity to compete against their peers and gain real-world experience. 

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