Benefits of Membership

    With CFA Institute membership, you gain access to powerful tools, information, and educational opportunities including the exclusive My CFA online member experience.

    What It Means to Be a Member Membership in CFA Institute is a commitment to maintaining the professional skills and ethics that will contribute to stronger and more ethical global markets.  It is a commitment that places the public interest above personal gain or corporate loyalty. With a global community of professionals, CFA Institute members are leading the way for greater integration, innovation, and standardization of international markets.

    Take advantage of a wide variety of exclusive educational and career resources developed in-house and by corporate and academic partners. With a wealth of publications, career events, conferences, seminars, webcasts, and more, CFA Institute keeps members updated with the latest developments in the global investment profession.

    In-person or online, members can:

    • Learn new perspectives
    • Network locally and globally
    • Explore career opportunities
    • Discover investment solutions







特別会員はCFA Japan独自の会員制度です。特別会員にはアソシエイト会員(CFAプログラム登録者及びCFA協会投資基礎検定資格保有者対象)とプロフェッショナル会員(日本証券アナリスト協会検定会員対象)があります。資格要件の詳細はこちらをご覧ください。





既にCFA Institute会員になられている方がCFA Japanに入会する場合は、その旨をCFA Instituteにご通知下さい。 また、正会員および準会員の方がRetired正会員,Retired準会員に変更なさる場合も直接CFA Instituteにご通知ください。

  • ご質問は事務局(Info@cfaj.org)までお問い合わせください。


  • 正会員のみ日本CFA協会の活動に関連する決議事項に対し議決権を有します。 また、各会員は年会費額が異なります。(日本CFA協会年会費: 正会員:$200, 準会員年会費:$115, Retired正会員とRetired準会員:共に48$, アソシエイト会員:¥10,000, プロフェッショナル会員:¥20,000)


    Membership Types and Requirements

    Both CFA Institute and your local society review your work experience and professional references to determine your membership eligibility.

    • If you have less than 48 months of qualified work experience, you may be considered for affiliate membership.
    • If you have at least 48 months of qualified work experience, you may be considered for regular membership (required to receive your CFA charter).

    Associate membership is a category created solely for CFA society - CFA Society Japan Candidate can submit an application from the link as shown below. (Please be noted Special candidate membership has been  renamed Associate candidate membership since Jan.1st, 2018.)


    Additionally Professional membership has been created newly. it is for professional persons who has CMA and it is also a category created solely for CFA society.   For more detail

    If you are already a CFA Institute member, you can easily add one or more society memberships. If Regular and Affiliate members change their status to Retired, please send it to CFA Institute by E-mail.

    The difference in benefits among Regular, Affiliate, and Candidate members of the local society is that only Regular members are allowed to vote on Society proxies. Becoming a Regular member is a requirement for the award of the CFA charter.

    Annual dues for CFA Society Japan Regular and Affiliate membership are $200 and $115, respectively. Annual dues for both Retired Regular and Retired Affiliate are $48. Associate membership for CFA Society Japan is JPY10,000 annually and Professional membership for CFA Society Japan is JPY20,000 annually.  Regular and Affiliate membership dues are paid directly to CFA Institute.

     To Become a CFA Charterholder

    CFA3次試験を合格し、CFA認定を受ける(CFA協会認定証券アナリストとして名刺に記載する等)ためには,CFA Instituteの会員であることが必要となります。

    CFA資格保持者及びレベル3の合格者の皆様に対しては,CFA Institute共々CFA Japanへのご入会を心よりお待ち申し上げております。



    To become a CFA charterholder, you must first apply to become a member of CFA Institute. We hope to welcome you also as a CFA Society Japan/CFA Institute member in the near future.
    Official Translation of CFA designation
    Please use this official translation in Japanese, "CFA協会認定証券アナリスト”, for your business card.



    CFA協会投資基礎検定プログラムについて詳細は こちらをご覧ください。

    対象者:    CFA協会が実施するCFA協会投資基礎検定試験に合格した方
    会費:        年間10,000
    有効期限: 1年(1年単位で更新可能)
    会員特典: 日本CFA協会が開催するセミナーに無料で参加可能*
    登録先:   https://jp.surveymonkey.com/s/FVK6F7M
    CFA協会投資基礎検定会員につきましてご質問等がございましたら、日本CFA協会事務局 emailinfo@cfaj.orgまでご連絡ください


    One Regular CFA Institute member and the applicant’s supervisor, one of which must be a member of the Society. If the supervisor requirement cannot be met because the applicant is the principal of the firm, a student, retired, self-employed, or if providing a supervisor sponsor places the applicant in a difficult professional position, then an additional sponsorship by a Regular Member of CFA Institute is required.

     ‭(Hidden)‬ Membership Overview


    The CFA Society of Japan provides a professional forum to educate and inform participants in the investment decision-making process, promotes professional behavior and high ethical standards, and enhances both the professional knowledge of members and general knowledge in the area of economics and finance among members of the community at large.

    In partnership with the CFA Institute, the CFA Japan conducts high-quality programs and disseminates information and ideas relating to investment. The CFA Institute is dedicated to promoting ethics and high standards of conduct, education and professional certification, and guidelines for professional practice; it is an international organization of investment professionals serving some 93,000 members, including research analysts, investment advisors, strategists, portfolio managers, consultants, and others allied to the field of financial analysis.

    Presentations are made by the management of major corporations to CFA Japan members and their guests. Topical programs, accounting and economic seminars, continuing education courses, conferences, and member get-togethers are also held.


    日本CFA協会(CFA Japan)は会員の皆様に、資産運用の実行プロセスにおいて不可欠となる専門能力の向上、国際標準となる職業倫理の遵守を図るためのプログラムを提供しています。また、当協会は金融の第一線で活躍する会員の方々が相互に専門知識を深めることの出来る交流の場としても有効に機能しています。加えて,CFAはCFA Institute (米国本部)との連携において資産運用に関わる最新情報とハイクオリティーな教育プログラムも提供いたしております。
    CFA Instituteは資産運用のプロのための職業倫理の国際標準,専門家のための継続教育、CFA試験の運用、管理及びCFA資格認定を行っています。また、CFA Instituteは世界各国の証券アナリスト、資産運用アドバイザー、ストラテジスト、ポートフォリオ・マネージャー、コンサルタント、その他金融アナリストなど、世界の資産運用業界で活躍する多くの会員(約93,000人)を有する国際機関です。
    CFAJでは会員及びゲストを対象に、有力企業の資産運用専門家を招き,様々なプレゼンテーションを行っています。CFA Japan会員は最新のトピックスを題材とした講演会,企業会計・経済セミナー、専門家のための継続教育、交流会などに参加することが出来ます。その他、当ソサエティーの様々な活動を通じて価値の高いサービスを受けることが出来ます。



    Candidate membership is a category created solely for CFA society - CFA Japan Candidate Membership Application Form is required for application.

    If you are already a CFA Institute member, you can easily add one or more society memberships. If Regular and Affiliate members change their status to Retired, pleaes send it to CFA Institute by E-mail.

    The difference in benefits among Regular, Affiliate, and Candidate members of the local society is that only Regular members are allowed to vote on Society proxies. Applying for Regular membership of CFA Japan is a requirement for the award of the CFA charter.

    Annual dues for CFA Japan Regular and Affiliate membership are $173 and $115, respectively. Annual dues for both Retired Regular and Retired Affiliate are $48. Candidate membership for CFA Japan is JPY5,000 annually.



    受験者会員はCFA Japan独自の会員制度で,CFA JapanのMembership Application formにて行ないます。


  • 既にCFA Institute会員になられている方がCFA Japanに入会する場合は、その旨をCFA Instituteにご通知下さい。 また、正会員および準会員の方がRetired正会員,Retired準会員に変更なさる場合も直接CFA Instituteにご通知ください。

  • 受験者会員用Formの送付先はCFA Japanとなります。


  • 正会員のみCFA Japanの活動に関連する決議事項に対し議決権を有します。 また、各会員は年会費額が異なります。(CFA Japan年会費: 正会員:$173, 準会員年会費:$115, Retired正会員とRetired準会員:共に48$, 受験者会員:¥5,000)



    〒103-0023 東京都中央区日本橋本町1‐3‐8 共同ビル(昭和)                           FAX:03-3517-5472 E-mail:  info@cfaj.org


     Membership Requirement

    CFA Japan入会資格 


    • 大学卒業以上(またはそれに相当する学位や職業経験)の学位を有していること。
    • レベル1を合格していること、または自己監督の元でStandard of Practice Examinationに合格してい ること。
    • 48か月以上の投資の意思決定にかかわる実務経験を有すること。
    • ローカルソサエティの入会基準をみたすこと。準会員からのアップデート以外の場合は2名の推薦者の方からの推薦状を添付すること。   
    • CFA InstituteのMembers Agreement  Professional Conduct Statement、またはCFA Instituteが要求する書類に同意し、遵守すること。





    • CFA InstituteMembers Agreement Professional Conduct Statementに同意し、遵守すること。 
    • 2名の推薦者の方々からの推薦状を添付すること。 推薦状はオンラインで
    • 作成できます。

    注)準会員はCFA資格を取得することはできません。 受験者ははじめに準会員として承認をうけて、既定の実務経験を経たのち、正会員にア




    • 直近の1年間にCFA試験プログラムを受講していること。
    • CFA JapanProfessional Conduct Statementに同意して署名すること。



     プロフェッショナル会員 のご案内

    CFA Society of Japan 

    Regular Membership

    To qualify as a regular member of CFA Institute and a local society, you must:

    If you are an affiliate member and meet the requirements stated above, you must update the appropriate information in your account and submit an online membership upgrade application.

    In the event of a discrepancy, CFA Institute makes the final determination for regular membership status.

    Affiliate Membership

    Affiliate members receive the same benefits as regular members, but do not have voting rights. To qualify for affiliate membership, you must:

    Once you're approved for affiliate membership by a society, you will be prompted to activate your membership. You may activate your membership at that time or wait until you qualify and are approved for regular membership (see below) to activate your membership.

    Note: Affiliate membership does not qualify you to receive the CFA charter. Candidates are often first approved as affiliate members and then apply for an upgrade to regular membership after they have accrued the required work experience.

    To qualify as a CFA charterholder member, you must be a regular member and have completed all three exam levels of the CFA Program.


        Associate Membership

    To qualify for candidate membership, you must meet both criteria listed below

    •  Enrolled in the CFA Program (registered for the exam in the past 12 months)
    •  Agree to adhere to and sign the CFA Japan Professional Conduct Statement


     * Please see more information. (PDF)

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