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 Collaborative Women in Investment Management (WIM) Initiative

CFA Society Luxembourg is proud to support the Collaborative Women In Investment Management (WIM) Initiative, a partnership among 70 CFA societies and FPA chapters across US, Canada, EMEA and LatAm that have created a unique program to empower female professionals across all facets of the finance industry, to support the advancement and development of female leaders of all backgrounds, as well as to celebrate their accomplishments and to establish a broad-based community and share resources to promote our shared vision of inclusion, diversity and equity in capitalism.

With a combined member base exceeding 60,000, this partnership will enhance networking opportunities at all levels and facilitate the formation of a peer support system for members. The CFA Society network also sees the new world of virtual programming as an opportunity to build a global community, and to share resources to create exceptional programs:

  • To empower female professionals across all facets of the finance industry
  • To support the advancement and development of female leaders, as well as to celebrate their accomplishments 
  • To establish a broad-based community and share resources to promote our shared vision 
  • To create demand for diversity

The Collaborative WIM initiative is led by a Steering Committee comprised of CFA Society leaders:

  • Sarah Yao Schutzman, CFA, Managing Partner, Providence Heights Capital Management LLC (on behalf of CFA Society Indianapolis WIM)
  • Arielle Bittoni, CFA, Chief Wealth Strategist, Refresh Investments LLC (on behalf of CFA Society Los Angeles Women’s Member Community)
  • Christine Tinker, CFA, Equity Portfolio Manager, Northern Trust Asset Management (on behalf of CFA Society Chicago Women’s Network)
  • Victoria Prescott, CFA, Associate Director, Capital Markets & Investor Relations at Realty Income Corporation (on behalf of CFA Society San Diego Advocacy Committee)  
  • Regina Gaysina, Vice President, Municipal Finance at RBC Capital Markets (on behalf of CFA Society New Mexico Women’s Advisory Committee)

Sarah Yao Schutzman, CFA, Managing Partner of Providence Heights Capital Management LLC explained, “Despite immense progress towards diversity, the reality remains that there are still relatively few women in senior leadership roles and even fewer minority women. This means that women often lack the natural mentorship and sponsorship that tends to take place at the middle and senior levels, necessitating that they work harder to establish their own support network. We hope that this initiative will help to inspire young female professionals to shoot for the highest positions of leadership within their organizations.” 

Download the official Collaborative WIM initiative snapshot

Collaborative WIM events

SEPTEMBER 29, 2022: WIM Origina

Q3 CWIM Original - 929 Banner.png

APRIL 21, 2022: Quarterly WIM Bookclub

Q2'22 CWIM Book Club - RESCHEDULED CFA Society Switzerland.png

OCTOBER 13, 2021: Quarterly WIM Bookclub

WIM Quarterly Bookclub Q4.png

SEPTEMBER 9, 2021: WIM Original

AUGUST 5, 2021: Quarterly WIM Bookclub

MAY 6, 2021
CFA Society Los Angeles hosted “The Myth of Fearlessness” with Mary Poffenroth, STEM Faculty at San Jose University.


The Collaborative WIM initiative held its inaugural event on 29 September 2020, hosted virtually by the CFA Society Chicago Women’s Network. This was the first in a series of programs designed to celebrate female leaders and inspire young professionals.

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 CFA's Women in Investment Management initiative

The CFA's Women in Investment Management initiative was created to increase the number of women who join the profession and earn the CFA® charter.

Now, more than ever, the world needs more women in finance.

Are you an analytical thinker and a natural problem solver? A math whiz that loves numbers and solving puzzles? What about a lifelong learner and global thinker with endless curiosity, and an interest in business, finance, and the economy?

If you answered yes, then working in the investment management field may be your path to a successful and fulfilling career.

You can change the face of finance.

What is Investment Management?

Investment management is the professional management of stocks, bonds, and other holdings within an investment portfolio, and the trading of them to achieve a specific investment objective. Investment management is also known as money management, portfolio management, or wealth management. Management includes devising a short or long-term strategy for acquiring and disposing of porfolio holdings.

A career in finance is a combination of art and science: the art of behavioural finance —the emotion driving investor decisions— mixed with the science of numberical analysis.

Women represent only 18% of the investment management profession, a percentage that plunges to single digits when it comes to women holding positions in senior management. Women also represent less than one in five CFA® charterholders. Along with increasing the number of women holding CFA designations, the goal of the Women in Investment Management initiative is to retain women in the profession and influnce culture from within and create demand for diversity as an industry imperative.

Why is Gender Diversity Essential?

Studies show that when companies commit to diversity among employees and leadership, they are more successful.

Unlike other professional fields such as law, academia, and medicine, finance has not kept pace when it comes to balancing gender equality. The investment management industry continues to be dominated by men, and globally women remain underrepresented in the profession.

Bringng greater gender diversity to the financial management industry is good for business. Diversity attracts talent and improved customer focus, employee satisfaction, and decision-making, leading to greater success. Research by global consulting firm McKinsey & Company shows that organizations in the top 25% for gender, racial, and ethnic diversity have financial returns above the national industry. Also, the study revealed that diversity is undoubtedly a competitive differentiator that shifts market share toward more diverse companies over time and that this diversity drives business.

Learn more about why women should pursue a career in finance.