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Q: What is CFA Society Malaysia?

A: CFA Society Malaysia is an association of local investment professionals. Consisting of portfolio managers, investment advisors, educators, and other financial professionals, we promote:

  • ethical and professional standards within the investment industry,
  • encourage professional development through the CFA® Program and continuing education,
  • facilitate the exchange of information and opinions among people within the local investment community and beyond, and;
  • work to further the public's understanding of the CFA designation and investment industry.  

As one of the CFA Institute member societies, our society connects members to a global network of investment professionals.

Q: How many membership types are there with CFA Institute and CFA Society Malaysia?

A: There are two (2) types of membership; Regular Membership and Affiliate Membership. Please refer to the membership types here.

Q: What is Regular Membership?

A: Regular Membership is for Investment professionals directly involved in or supporting the investment decision-making process. Regular membership is a prerequisite to earning the CFA charter and CIPM certificate.


Q: What is Affiliate Membership?

A: Affiliate Membership is for investment professionals who do not meet the eligibility requirements of Regular Membership or do not intend to participate in the CFA Program or CIPM Program.



Q: How much is the fee for the membership?

A: Membership annual fee for Regular Membership OR Affiliate Membership is USD325. Annual dues will be pro-rated for those joining CFA Institute and CFA Society Malaysia for the first time.


Q: Is the membership fee refundable?

A: CFA Institute and CFA Society Malaysia dues are non-refundable and non-transferable. CFA Institute accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Discover, China UnionPay (银联), and AliPay (支付宝).


Q: What is the value of a charter?

A: The value of a charter are as below:

  • Recognized commitment to ethics and professionalism
  • Real-world skills for making complex and latest development on investment decisions
  • Recognized and welcomed by markets and employers globally
  • Fluency in both practical investment analysis and investment management skills
  • Access to career-advancing tools and education

Q: What are the benefits of CFA Society Malaysia membership?

A: Membership connects you with our global association of investment professionals and gives you access to benefits that help you pursue professional knowledge, advance in your career, and lead with ethics. CFA Society Malaysia offerings and benefits revolve around the three pillars of our mission:

I. Develop future professionals:

  1. Attend Exclusive Events and Workshops
  2. Professional Learning (PL) Program and Professional Development
  3. Refresher Readings and Access to SBBI Dataset
  4. Career Portal
  5. CFA Society Malaysia Online Resource Center

II. Deliver Member Value

  1. CFA Institute Global Passport Program
  2. Networking Opportunities
  3. Volunteer and Be Featured via the CFA Society Malaysia Mentorship Program
  4. Waivers and Exemption

III. Build Market Integrity

  1. CFA Institute Asia-Pacific Research Exchange (ARX)



Q: How do I become a CFA Charterholder?

A: You become a CFA Charterholder by passing each of the three levels of the CFA exam, and by then achieve qualified work experience requirements. Visit CFA Institute Become a CFA Charterholder page to know more. CFA Institute administers the exam and awards the CFA Charter.


Q: What are the requirements to apply for the membership?

A: Regular Membership:

Each applicant seeking to become a Regular Member of the Society must meet these following requirements:

  • A bachelor's degree or equivalent education/work experience and a passing score for the Level I CFA ExamCIPM Program Level II Exam, or the self-administered Standards of Practice Exam.
  • You must have at least 4,000 hours of relevant experience, completed in a minimum of 36 months
  • Provide 2 or 3 professional references.
  • Sign a Member's Agreement and Member's Professional Conduct Statement which attest that the Member has carefully read the Code of Ethics and Standard, and has disclosed fully any prior violations and pending regulatory or compliance problems


Affiliate Membership:

Each applicant seeking to become an Affiliate Member of the Society must meet these following requirements:

  • Hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited academic institution or have equivalent education or work experience
  • Provide 3 professional references / 2 professional references if one of the references is a CFA Charterholder
  • Have four (4) years of Acceptable Professional Work Experience
  • Sign a Member's Agreement and Member's Professional Conduct Statement which attest that the Member has carefully read the Code of Ethics and Standard, and has disclosed fully any prior violations and pending regulatory or compliance problems
  • Fulfill any other requirements to be determined by the Society from time to time.


Q: How can I confirm my work experience qualify for the membership?

A: Professional work experience requires specialized knowledge, education, or advanced skills. Professional work experience requires the application of higher-level judgment and business skills, including:  

  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Business communications
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Time management
  • Professional judgment
  • Analytical skills
  • Adaptability

When you apply for the membership, you will be asked to describe current and prior job responsibilities to demonstrate qualified work experience. Your experience should involve evaluating or applying financial, economic, and/or statistical data as part of the investment decision-making process; supervising those who conduct; or teaching such activities.

  • You must have at least 4,000 hours of experience, completed in a minimum of 36 months.
  • Qualified hours must be directly related to the investment decision-making process or producing a work product that informs or adds value to that process.
  • Experience earned through full-time, part-time, or remote work arrangements—before, during, or after your participation in the CFA® Program—can qualify.

To better understand if your prior job responsibilities meet the requirements for the membership, you may take CFA Institute Work Experience Self-Assessment here


Q: How do I start my application to become a member of CFA Institute and CFA Society Malaysia?

A: To become a member of CFA Institute and CFA Society Malaysia, you may visit CFA Institute Become a Member page for all related resources and information.


Q: How can I renew my membership?

A: To renew your membership, kindly refer to CFA Institute Membership Renewal page here to stay current, connected, and effective in your financial profession.

Q: How can I transfer my membership to or from another society?

Members can manage their CFA Institute and society membership, including transfer of society membership, by using the manage membership tool found here.


Q: Is there any application resources provided to guide me through the application?

A: Take advantage of CFA Institute membership application resources here to help you apply and become a CFA Institute member or you may also reach out to the membership team at [email protected].


Q: How to write a work description to apply for the membership?

A: For each work description, explain your job duties and how they relate to investment decision-making. Review our work experience description examples here to understand how to write a qualifying work description. Applicants should demonstrate their impact to the investment decision-making process and indicate how job duties produce work products that add value.


Q: What to expect after I apply (i.e approval duration, review process, membership activation etc)?

A: The steps here will guide you through the application review process and answer frequently asked questions related to estimated timelines, and application statuses.


Q: How can I manage my application?

A: Log in to your account here to edit your CFA Institute and society applications and to check on your application status.


Q: How do I notify CFA Society Malaysia of a change of personal information (i.e employer, email address, contact number)?

A: The best way to change your personal information is to update your profile on the CFA Institute website here by logging in to your CFA Institute account and use the manage membership tool.



Q: How many Professional References should I provide?

A: When you apply for the membership, you will be asked to provide professional references in support of your application. You will need to provide:

  • 2 professional references, if one is an active regular member of the local society to which you are applying, OR
  • 3 professional references, if none of them is an active regular member of the local society to which you are applying.


Q: Who should be a reference for my application?

A: While we prefer references from your supervisor(s), you may select other individuals who can describe and attest to your responsibilities in the investment decision-making process (as defined in our work experience guidelines).

References will be asked to comment on your work experience and professional character. You will send instructions to your references as part of your application; more information is provided during the application process.

You cannot serve as a reference for your own application.



Q: What is Professional Learning (PL) Credit?

A: CFA Institute offers Professional Learning (PL) to our members to help you cultivate your curiosity and advance in your career. We encourage our members to record at least 20 credits annually to stay current with changing practices and evolving industry demands.


Q: How can I earn and track my PL Credits?

A: Please refer here for more details on the PL credits.



Q: Does CFA Society Malaysia have jobs listing?

A: Members can explore exclusive job opportunities, connect with employers, and access to career-focused online resources to help propel you further in the industry at our Career Portal here and our Career Center here.


Q: How can I connect with fellow members or a CFA charterholder?

A: This global Member Directory will assist you to connect with fellow members, CFA charterholder, and verify an individual's CFA charterholder status.


Q: How can I join the CFA Institute Global Passport Program?

A: You will have the access to CFA Institute Global Passport Program resources once your membership application is approved.


Q: What is the typical career paths and jobs for CFA Charterholders?

A: Widely considered the apex for professional development in investment management, the CFA designation is valued by employers for roles and functions in every sector of the global finance industry, including portfolio management, analysis, private wealth, and consulting. But the CFA charter also equips professionals with the versatility to take their career paths in different directions. You may refer here for the study found on the typical jobs for CFA Charterholders.


Q: Who should I contact in regards of my membership application?

A: You may reach out to the CFA Institute membership team at [email protected] or CFA Society Malaysia at [email protected].