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Agreement with AMIB

By Guillermina Maria Pagaza Malpica posted 12 Feb, 2023 05:24 PM


August 2017. The Asociación Mexicana de Instituciones Bursátiles (AMIB) in charge of providing certification services for the licensing of capital markets professionals in Mexico has signed a cooperation agreement with CFA Institute. In this agreement, AMIB recognizes the passing of Level I of the CFA program to meet the knowledge of business requirements to practice in the industry.

With this agreement, candidates who have passed Level I of the CFA program will be able to meet part of the certification requirements as: Mutual Fund Representative, Securities Representative, Financial Advisor Representative, Money Market Trader and Equity Trader. For those interested in certifying, in addition to passing the Level I of the CFA, they must also pass an exam in Ethics and local Regulations administered by the AMIB. For Money Market Trader and Equity Trader, they must also pass a systems and execution module.

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