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Alex Anderson, CFA, Award

By Guillermina Maria Pagaza Malpica posted 19 Feb, 2023 10:35 PM


In 2022, CFA Society Mexico launched Alex Anderson, CFA, Award in recognition to his commitment with the Finance Industry, specially with CFA Program. He was the first CFA charterholder in our country, and since he received the CFA charter, on 1993, he started collaborating with the Board of Directors of the society. Among other positions, he was president of the society and he used to organize conferences and support Research Challenge. In recognition to his work over more than 30 years CFA Society Mexico create the award with his name to recognize his work and legacy.

CFA Society Mexico gave the award last year to Don Miguel Mancera Aguayo. Don Miguel was first Director and then Governor of Bank of Mexico and during his period over 15 years, he had to face strong economic crises in Mexico, and he launched new programs, such as the new currency of Mexico, the Nuevo Peso in 1992. He approved legal reforms that gave autonomy to the Bank of Mexico.