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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Challenging Perceptions: Diversity in Investment Management

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 About the Initiative

​​After researching the impact of diversity on decision making and effectiveness of organizations, the Changing Perceptions initiative was launched in 2016 with a group of more than 15 volunteers and CFA Society Minnesota staff met regularly to plan programming, events and projects aligned with the goals of the initiative.​

In 2019 the group reorganized to re-launch the initiative. The group will kick-off a new series of events in early 2020, and has renamed themselves Challenging Perceptions. 

  • ​Encouraging diversity in our profession will improve investor outcomes in our profession.
  • Associated programming must be inclusive and will be aimed at providing value to all members.
  • We recognize the limits of what a primarily volunteer run professional association can accomplish. 
  • Despite uncertainty about the causes and solutions, we will take action.

 The CFAMN Partnership with the Academy of Finance (AOF) at Como Park High School

This is a terrific opportunity for those who are extremely busy but still want to give back!

Join us in building extraordinary CFAMN mentorship teams to engage and impact Freshman students participating in the AOF program, a rigorous course of study in Finance, Social Studies and English, accredited by the National Academy Foundation. Your mentorship will aid in starting 240 students on the path to completing internships, starting college, and choosing future careers.

This is not your typical mentorship opportunity – 
  • It’s been designed to make it attractive for industry professionals like you 
  • It requires very little to no preparation time
  • Meetings and events scheduled in advance (just four meetings, one meeting per month in Feb., Mar., Apr. and May)
  • All meetings and events are held in person

Want to learn more? 

Ready to sign-up? The deadline to apply is November 5, 2022
  • Once you sign-up, we will forward the background check form to you that is required by St. Paul Public Schools.
  • Complete the 2022 CFAMN AOF Mentorship Program Application and return to Bill Dove or Matt Grimes (contact info below)

Want to chat? 

 Get Involved

The CFA Institute website is a wealth of information on this topic including and provided the guidance we needed to launch this initiative. View CFA Institute resources and information here

Please contact any of the following people if you have questions, ideas or want to get involved in this initiative:
  • ​Kate Lyons, CFA - reach out to CFAMN for contact info
  • Megan Millett - [email protected]

 Collaborative Women in Investment (WIM) Initiative

A Global Partnership To Further Inclusion & Diversity


CFA Societies, FPA Chapters and industry groups around the world have joined efforts to further our shared vision of inclusion and diversity in capitalism. This collaboration was created to demonstrate the commitment of the global finance community to inclusion and diversity, and to support the advancement and development of female leaders of all backgrounds.

This is a global grassroots campaign:

  • To create demand for diversity
  • To empower female and diverse professionals across all facets of the finance industry
  • To establish a global community to share resources, information and best practices to promote our shared vision of a better, more inclusive world



We believe that inclusion and diversity will allow our industry to achieve better investment outcomes-- but more importantly, we believe that it will better serve our diverse society.

The inclusion conversation has never been more urgent, and the reality remains that there are few female and diverse professionals in senior leadership roles. As a result, these professionals often lack the natural mentorship and sponsorship that tends to take place at the middle and senior levels, necessitating that they work harder to establish their own support network. Our global collaboration intends to fulfill that need.


Women, as the minority in the finance industry globally, are the universal diversifier.


By utilizing virtual programming and our global network, our community facilitates a geography-agnostic exchange of ideas, resources and best practices to amplify and enhance the diversity dialogue, wherever it is taking place.

We aid each of our members in their personal career journey, through professional development and networking opportunities. In time, we hope that our efforts will both inspire and expand the female and diverse talent pipeline into the investment industry, as well as support their success.

Together, alongside our like-minded supporting organizations, our collaboration demonstrates the commitment of the global finance industry to inclusion and diversity, while providing high-caliber programming, cross-regional networking and professional development opportunities for our shared membership around the world.

Our collaboration:

  • Creates a unique WIM Original program series that provides exceptional professional development guidance and showcases talented, diverse female leaders
  • Co-markets high-quality I&D programming created by our participating societies to bring added visibility to the featured speakers and the societies who host them
  • Showcases and amplifies across our global platform the I&D efforts of our participating societies, to aid their success and build momentum for those initiatives at the local, regional and global level
  • Offers valuable networking opportunities for our global base of finance professionals of all backgrounds
  • Provides young professionals of all backgrounds access to critical mentorship and career guidance through internship opportunities and mentor programs
  • Supports the development, hiring and advancement of the diverse talent pipeline

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Learn more about the WIM Collaborative:
Snapshot - Our Mission.pdf


1. Identify the Society’s role in helping members and employers address challenges faced by, and opportunities available to,​ women in the field of investment management. 

2. Determine and implement appropriate measures aimed at increasing the level of female participation in the Society. 

University students participating in the event "Owning It: Money and Power for Young Women" at Piper Jaffray, co-hosted by CFA Society Minnesota.​

"The wonderful panel gave us a glimpse of life as a female in the field of finance: the realities of the gender gap and the overarching reward of being in the field of finance," said Yeng Lee, Gustavus Adolphus College.