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​​​​​​​​​Membership Application Links

New Local-Only or Student Membership

For CFA Candidates and other professionals who do not intend to also join CFA Institute membership is $25 for your first year, thereafter it is $130. 

For University Students and unemployed CFA Program Candidates, membership is free. (Must complete the membership process and receive board approval.)

Step 1: Complete the Paper Application 

2022-2023 CFAMN Membership Application (Fillable)

You may wish to send your professional reference only the reference form, so we've included this document separately below:

2022-2023 CFAMN Membership Reference Form (Fillable)

(one reference must be a current member of CFA Society Minnesota) E-mail [email protected] if you need help finding a reference.

​Step 2: Complete the Self Test for the Standards of Practice Handbook

If you have not yet passed Level 1 of the CFA exam, one of the requirements for Local Society membership is that you take and pass the Self-Test for the Standards of Practice Handbook. If you do not already have a CFA Institute ID number, you may enter any number you choose in this login screen. Please note the link does take some time to load. You may take the exam multiple times. Upon completion of the self-test, the website shows your passing results. You must print this screen (or save it as a jpg or pdf) and include it with your membership application. CFA Minnesota does not receive your passing score from the CFA Institute computer system despite what is indicated. ​

Step 3: Use the Application Checklist  to make sure you haven't missed any steps, then submit your paperwork

Want assistance? You can make an appointment to go through the paperwork, either by meeting with a society staff person in person or over the phone.

  • Membership Application Form
  • Professional Conduct Statement
  • Copy of Resume
  • 2 Reference Forms (one reference must be a current member of CFA Society Minnesota) *
  • Proof of Passing Level I or Self-Test for the Standards of Practice Handbook         
  • Dues check made payable to CFA Society Minnesota, or credit card payment (see below)

Professional Upload & PaymentStudent Upload

*Students only need 1 Reference Form, which can be filled out by a professor. E-mail [email protected] if you need help finding a reference.

Step 4:

Your application will be processed within 1 week after it arrives in our office, and we'll contact you on the next steps.

Other Membership Scenarios

Adding a Local Society Membership to your CFA Institute Membership 

If you are a Charterholder who has just moved to our region, or a Charterholder who previously did not hold local society membership and now wants to, you can add the Minnesota society to your membership through CFA Institute in one of three ways:

Once your added membership is approved, you will be notified and directed to "activate" your local society membership by paying the current season's dues through the CFA Institute's online system.

Renewing Shared Memberships: CFA Institute + CFA Minnesota

Membership lapses each year on June 30th. All members who have dual membership in CFA Institute and a local society renew by making one payment through CFA Institute each summer. Email reminders go out between May and August, and paper invoices are sent at the end of August. Renewal can be done by logging into your CFA Institute account or by calling 800.247.8132.

Renewing Local-Only or Student Membership

Renew Local Only

Students who wish to renew their membership must email Megan at [email protected].

Checking Application Status

  • To check the status of your Local-Only Society application, please contact our office
  • To check the status of your CFA Institute application, please call CFA Institute at 800.247.8132.

If you have additional questions regarding membership with CFA Society Minnesota, please contact the Society office at 612-930-4000 or email [email protected].

Membership in Multiple Societies

When you applied for CFA Institute membership you selected a member society to join. Many members choose to join additional societies so that they may receive the mailings, benefits and participate in their activities as well.

If you add membership in CFA Society Minnesota, you are entitled to full member benefits.

You may add CFA Society Minnesota as a society through your My CFA online account. Please email [email protected] if you have any difficulty adding CFA Society Minnesota to your online account.

Note: Members with multiple memberships are billed for each society they join. Since each society is a separate company, membership dues vary according to the society. Please allow up to eight weeks for processing.