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CFA Society Minnesota Book List

CFA Society Minnesota features books authored by speakers at CFA events, classic investment books and books recommended by members as a resource for others.

Next up: Against the Gods by Peter L. Bernstein, 1998
With the stock market breaking records almost daily, leaving longtime market analysts shaking their heads and revising their forecasts, a study of the concept of risk seems quite timely. Peter Bernstein has written a comprehensive history of man's efforts to understand risk and probability, beginning with early gamblers in ancient Greece, continuing through the 17th-century French mathematicians Pascal and Fermat and up to modern chaos theory. Along the way he demonstrates that understanding risk underlies everything from game theory to bridge-building to winemaking.

What Are You Reading?

If you are reading something you think other members will enjoy, please recommend it. Send us the name of the book, author, and a one- or two-sentence synopsis/review. We will review and consider it for the list.   

CFAMN Book Clubs

Did you know CFAMN has book club groups open to Charterholders and Candidates? Each meeting focuses on a different book selected by the members of the group, and particpation is free. Past books include:

  • Fooled by Randomness, Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  • The Most Important Thing, Howard Marks 
  • The Great Rebalancing, Michael Pettis
  • Dark Pools, Scott Patterson
  • The Physics of Wall Street, James Owen Weatherall

View the events calendar to find out when the next book club gathering is. Each group is open to new members!