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​How to Get Involved in CFAMN - Society Leadership Opportunities (updated January, 2018)​

During the 2016-17 season, over 150 society members volunteered for CFAMN in a wide variety of ways. One of the best ways to optimize your membership with CFA Society Minnesota is to get involved on a society initiative or committee. Volunteering heightens your visibility and puts you in direct contact with other professionals in the industry. Whether you are a university student, CFA Candidate, or CFA Charterholder, there are casual, enjoyable ways to get involved in CFAMN and meet other members. Please read the list of examples and then follow the steps below:

  • Contact Us: Send an email of interest to Member Services Manager Diane Senjem. Please attach your resume for reference.
  • Interview: Schedule a time to meet with Society Staff to learn more about the organization and discuss what committee or project might be a good fit for your interests.
  • Choose something you'd like to try. We'll introduce you to other volunteers and help you get connected to the community and to your project.

Current Opportunities:

Annual Events

  • Introduce companies at the Intellisight Conference (CFA Charterholders) (4-8 hours, one or two days)
  • Assist in company presentation rooms (CFA Candidates or students) (4-8 hours, one or two days)
  • Lend a hand at the Annual Dinner, New Charterholder Dinner or Research Challenge Finals (CFA Charterholders, Candidates and students)

Committee Work

Society Committees are open to members who want to get more involved in shaping and leading the organization. Committee commitment includes attendance at meetings and 1-2 hours on committee projects per month.

  • Program
  • Membership
  • Career Development/Advocacy
  • Education
  • Business & Financial Management


  • Write original content or commentary for our Freezing Assets blog (ongoing)
  • Attend a Society event and write an event recap for the blog


  • ​Give a CFA Program Presentation on a college campus and/or host a group of finance students to visit your office (2-4 hours per year)
  • Become a prep class instructor, small stipend included (20-40 hours semi-annually)



  • Serve as a formal mentor in our annual Mentorship Program (an 8-month commitment, 1-2 hours per month)
  • Serve as an informal mentor in our annual Mentorship Program​ (meet with 3-4 mentees, 1-2 hour commitment per individual)
  • Offer informational interviews to society interns, students, CFA Candidates or fellow CFA Charterholders interested in learning about new areas of the investment industry (episodic, 1-2 hour commitment per individual)

Research Challenge

  • Mentor a university team (4-month commitment, 1-2 hours per month)
  • Grade research reports (two-week commitment, approx. four hours)
  • Judge presentation finals (one-time, two hours)

Quarterly Society Internships:
Students and recent graduates are invited to volunteer as interns during the summer or during the school year. Internships are eight weeks long, and interns must be available to work one 6-8 hour shift per week. Internships can be done for college credit.

Do you have an idea not already listed above? Nearly every society project or initiative has been invented and championed by a member. Please share your ideas with us!

Join the CFA Society Minnesota Board of Directors

Contact Mark Salter, Executive Director, to learn more about our Board of Directors.