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Watch webinars presented by CFA Society Minnesota and our partners.

 How the Pandemic May Change Things

Featuring Stuart Dunbar and Joseph Stellato, CFA
Baillie Gifford International, LLC
Recorded August 27, 2020

After speaking at last year’s annual CFA conference in London, Stuart Dunbar, partner at Baillie Gifford, was again on the agenda at this year’s annual CFA conference in Atlanta. Due to the pandemic, that was unable to happen ... therefore, CFA Society Minnesota is delighted to bring you this webinar instead!

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 Impacts on the Corporate Bond Market Resulting from the Covid-19 Crisis

Featuring Bill Zox, FCA
Portfolio Manager for Diamond Hill Capital Management
​Recorded July 9, 2020

Bill Zox, CFA, Portfolio Manager for Diamond Hill Capital Management, discussed the near and long-term impacts on the corporate bond market resulting from the Covid-19 crisis, heavy Federal Reserve intervention, and trends in de-leveraging.

 Volatility: The Bumpy Road to Normal

Featuring Stacey Gilbert and Sean Heron, CFA
Portfolio Managers, Derivatives for Glenmede Investment Management
Recorded June 30, 2020

As uncertainty weighs on investors, GIM’s derivatives team examines the relationship between volatility and the volatility risk premium. Derivatives Portfolio Managers Sean Heron, CFA, and Stacey Gilbert review seven basic truths about volatility as well as what the options market is saying about probabilities for year-end S&P 500 results. They also explain how put-write strategies could capture the volatility risk premium while contributing some downside protection.

  A Rotation In Financial Asset Manias

Featuring Phillip Colmar, Partner, Global Strategy
Recorded June 25, 2020

COVID-19 has changed the global economic, policy, and investment landscape at a breathtaking pace. This will serve as the catalyst to end several of the mania trends that were already in place over the past decade, and sow the seeds for future manias. MRB Founding Partner and Global Strategist Phillip Colmar discusses the ingredients needed to create a financial asset mania and how the shifting macro backdrop could have profound ramifications on investment performance in the years ahead.

 Where Do We Go from Here?

Featuring Joyce Huang, CFA & Bernard Chua, CFA
Recorded June 18, 2020

The investment team from America Century Investments hosted a call for CFA Society Minnesota, sharing market updates and insightful perspectives around recent market volatility for global equity and global fixed income. The call included initial comments from the presenters, and then took time to respond to pressing questions regarding recent events in the market.

 Geopolitics, COVID-19, and International Finance

Featuring Taufiq Rahim and Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez
Recorded June 9, 2020

​Regional experts Taufiq Rahim (MENA) and Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez (Latin America) provided insights as to how global financial markets as reflected in geopolitics matter—with their takes on the effects of coronavirus shocks. These subject matter experts shared regional updates, followed by prepared Q&A.

 Deconstructing Value Investing

Valuation vs Cheapness
Featuring ​Rafael Resendes, founding partner of Applied Finance
Recorded May 21, 2020
Presented by Applied Finance Capital Management

“Value Investing” is commonly misunderstood as buying companies at a discount to their intrinsic value. While that may have been true decades ago, today “Value Investing” predominantly consists of buying “low price to something” stocks. The “something” is a fundamental variable such as book value, earnings, and/or sales among others. However, such approaches do not necessarily identify undervalued stocks, only stocks that are “cheap” relative to the chosen fundamental variable.

 Crisis & Recovery

​What Economic and Epidemic Models Are Telling Us
Featuring Robert Shiller, Sterling Professor of Economics, Yale University
Recorded April 23, 2020
Presented by Natixis

Nobel-Prize winning economist Robert Shiller talks about economic signals, monetary & fiscal action, why epidemic models matter, and new areas of growth emerging from the crisis. 

 ​Humanizing Wall Street

Featuring Jason Trennert, co-founder of Strategas and John Taft, Baird Vice Chairman
Recorded April 7, 2020

Jason Trennert, co-founder of Strategas, the top macro research firm in the country, will share his insights into the financial markets during the balance of the presidential election year and will engage in a conversation with Baird Vice Chairman John Taft about the role finance plays in our economy and in society, and the impact of Covid-19.

 ​The Future of Consumption

Emerging Markets and the Digital Revolution
Featuring Kevin T. Carter, Founder and CIO of EMQQ
Recorded March 19, 2020

Billions of people in the developing world are now leapfrogging traditional consumption patterns and starting to consume online for the first time. The result of this rising middle-class consumer wave has transformed economies and produced new internet giants equal to or even larger than their U.S. counterparts.

 Deconstructing Value Investing Webinar

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 Crisis & Recovery Webinar

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