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Nick Leeson - The Slippery Slope; learning from past ethics challenges to grow into the future

Event Description

​The CFA Society VBA Netherlands Ethics Committee is pleased to invite you to our 2018 seminar titled: “The Slippery Slope; learning from past ethics challenges to grow into the future”. We have invited Nick Leeson, former Barings Bank derivatives trader, to talk about his experiences with the slippery slope and how to better prevent these situations going forward.

To place these experiences in a local framework, we have invited Johan Graafland, Professor of Economics, Business and Ethics and Wijnand Nuijts, DNB Manager of the Supervision Department for Governance, Culture and Organizational Behaviour to share their recent work on the value of virtues in the financial sector and the efficacy of financial compensation on performance.

Dealing with issues regarding ethics and transparency has become a key part of the job for financial professionals. Rebuilding trust and maintaining the integrity of financial markets is an ongoing process for all industry participants. By learning from past mistakes and applying the latest academic research and best-practices, the sector has made significant steps towards a better relationship with stakeholders. However, there is still much to learn and much work to be done.

This seminar is part of the ongoing outreach efforts of the CFA Society VBA Netherlands Ethics Committee to discuss relevant topics with industry participants and stakeholders. We believe that a continued focus on ethics an integrity is integral to shaping the future of our sector.

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Society; Educational

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Standards, Ethics, and Regulations

Start Time

13-9-2018 13:30

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13-9-2018 17:30





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The Netherlands

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Auditorium ABN AMRO
Gustav Mahlerlaan 10
1082 PP Amsterdam


Nick Leeson

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