​​Rationale for a merger
Faced with similar challenges, desiring to do more for their members and working for the same target audience, the rationale for a merger of VBA and CFA Society Netherlands is convincing:

·  Bigger impact. Both associations act as ambassadors for the industry, maintaining relations with regulators, industry associations, employers, policy makers and academia. They voice the concerns and wishes of members to further improve the profession and help clients. Operating as one party, increases the influence and impact of the association.

·  More to offer. Activities and services now uniquely provided by both associations to their own members can be unlocked by a merger. For instance, the knowledge and international network of CFA Society Netherlands will be open to VBA members and the national network and roots of VBA will be made available to members of CFA Society Netherlands. 

·  Economies of scale. With their objectives being so heavily aligned, both associations direct their efforts towards similar activities (i.e. events, industry outreach). Bundling these activities frees up precious time and funds that can be spent on improving the quality of these activities, or on adding new activities and services for members. 

·  Global reach. Due to the continuous and irreversible globalization of the finance industry, alignment with the global organisation CFA Institute adds an essential third dimension.​​

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