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 Let's build a better world for investors.

Our profession is responsible for managing trillions of dollars on behalf of investors around the world. This responsibility comes with a large duty—to always place our clients' interests above our own.

Our value to workers, retirees, communities, and others should be undeniable. We must prove that value, not only by helping our clients achieve their goals but also by being open and honest about the risks, benefits, and costs of the services we provide. When we make investing more relatable, more transparent, and more client-led, our industry will achieve greater success.

Let's not forget that the purpose of finance is, and always should be, to increase wealth and well-being. But it isn't enough to say that we are committed to doing so. We need to demonstrate that commitment by putting investors first. When we lead with honesty and transparency, clients will trust us to guide their financial choices. Not only will we have reclaimed confidence in our profession, we will recover our purpose, and society as a whole will benefit.

So let's build a better world for investors. Let's start right now.

Let's measure up.


A CFA designation is a badge of distinction. It represents a deep knowledge of all things investing, a commitment to ethics, and a passion for always putting investors first. All of which make our members unparalleled professionals who are fully engaged in raising the standards of the investment management industry.​​