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 Charter Award Ceremony & CFA Annual Dinner - 30th Nov 2021

CFA Society Norway held the Charter Awards Ceremony and Annual Dinner on the 30th of November 2021 at Vinkjelleren at Grand Hotel. New CFA Charterholders were welcomed and congratulated on their achievement. Completing the CFA Program and becoming a CFA Charterholder is a truly significant achievement in one's career, and represents professional development and commitment to lifelong learning.

Anders Tandberg-Johansen, Head Portfolio Manager at DNB Technology Fund, one of the best funds in the world over the last 10 years, shared his view on how they look at the current markets, how they choose which stocks to invest in, and how they have become so successful in doing so.

 CFA Society Norway event 18 October: China's "common prosperity" and its impact on tech, climate policies and financial stability

​Macro economist Kelly Chen from DNB Markets held a presentation about China's common prosperity policy and its impact on tech, climate and financial stability. Around 20 members and candidates participated the event, which took place at DNB's headquarter in Bjørvika. The presentation was followed by networking at Vesper Bar.

China common policy 1.jpgChina common policy 2.jpg

 Afterwork at I Baren – 25th August 2021

​Thanks to everyone who showed up for afterwork at I Baren. 
Afterwork at I Baren.jpg

  Afterwork at Nodee Sky – 11th June 2020

Thanks to everyone that showed up for the afterwork at Nodee Sky. We hope to meet again over the summer.

Nodee sky.jpgNodee sky1.jpg

 Charter Award Ceremony and CFA Annual Dinner – 3rd Dec 2019

CFA Society Norway held the Charter Awards Ceremony and Annual Dinner on the 3rd December 2019 at Nedre Foss Gård. CFA Charterholders were welcomed and congratulated on their achievement. Completing the CFA Program and becoming a CFA Charterholder represent truly significant achievements in one's professional development and commitment to lifelong learning.

Andrea Frazzini, Principal / Co-Head of Global Stock Selection at AQR Capital Management held and presentation on Buffett’s Alpha during the event.

image002.jpgCFA chritmas dinner 2019 2.jpgimage004.jpg

 New Year wine tasting event - 15the Jan 2020

CFA Society Norway hosted a wine tasting and networking event for member and candidates.

The event gave people the opportunity to sample a selection of wine from Piemonte and get an introduction to the wine region.

New Year event 1.jpgNew year event 2.jpg

 Sustainable Finance Event - 12th November 2019

CFA Society Norway organized a breakfast presentation event on Sustainable Finance and Green Credit Strategies.

 This event brought together two prominent speakers form S&P and Sector Asset Management to help provide a bird's eye view on Sustainable Finance work, from ESG in traditional credit ratings via ESG impact indicators to ESG issuer evaluation.

IMG_0258.jpgNor event.jpg

 Networking Event - 8th October 2019

CFA Society Norway organized an event at the Royal Gastropub in Oslo on Tuesday 8th October.

The evening had a great turn out and brought together a community of members and candidates to enjoy an evening of networking opportunities and professional development. Our board was also in attendance and provided an insight into the society.

  IMG_0825.jpg  networking final pic.jpg norway netwroking event pic 1.jpg

 Nordic Investment Conference - 19th September 2019

CFA Society Norway joined forces with CFA Societies in the Nordic region to create the first pan-Nordic Investment Conference. 

The theme was the Nordic Investment Model within Investment Management, specifically focusing on 4 topics: 

  • Asset Management 
  • Sustainable investing 
  • Private Equity 
  • Finetech and Startup originating in the region



 Post Exam Drinks and Summer Party - 15th June 2019

Post Exam Drinks.jpg

An evening of good company, networking and drinks in the fine surroundings of Handslag Breweries!


CFA Society Norway organized Post Exams Drinks and a Summer Party on 15 June 2019.


The drinks were flowing on behalf of the society. And this provided a great opportunity for fellow Charterholders and current candidates to network in their local community!​

 Mock Exam - 25th May 2019



CFA Society Norway organised a Mock Exam and Study Groups ahead of the CFA Exam. The Live Schweser Mock Exam is as close as possible to the actual CFA exam in format, difficulty, and length. The Mock Exam should help develop test-taking skills, identify your weak areas, and demonstrate your mastery of the CFA curriculum. 


 How Can We Protect Ourselves in a Digital World? - 25 April 2019

Norway pic edited.png


Data is becoming more portable, and valuable which is changing the threat landscape and exposing companies to cybercrime. This is an increasing business threat that must be addressed.


CFA Society finland hosted event with one of Norway's most experienced security specialist Dagfinn Buset (Partner, BDO Security and Emergency services) to provide insight on the growing threats, and how companies can protect themselves against these threats.


 Evenco International Fund Forum - 4th April 2019

 The Evenco International Fund Forum in partnership with CFA Society Noway was held at the Grand Hotel Oslo on 4th April 2019. The event brought together international investors to debate the latest thinking in artificial intelligence, bonds, emerging markets, equities and ESG investing.

Live feeds and real time data were used from the Bloomberg Terminal to challenge portfolio managers to articulate spontaneous, thought provoking, investment solutions.



 ​RADA Executive Presence Workshop - 4th April 2019​

Maximising presence involves more than just technical expertise. It requires excellent communication skills, influence and impact and confidence. The use of storytelling can be a powerful means to communicate the purpose of your organisation in a succinct and engaging way. This practical session allowed people to explore some tools and techniques to help craft clear and effective messages to tell the story of 'My CFA'. 


Topics covered:

Explored storytelling tools and techniques and how you can use them in a business context to tell your own personal story and the story of your organisation
How to structure your subject matter into a coherent message or story
Exploring ways of telling your story with clarity and passion
Understanding the art of bringing words and facts to life to make your story more engaging.​

  Tutor: Conrad Hornby​

 Research Challenge - 28th February 2019​

The CFA Institute Research Challenge is an annual global competition that provides univeristy students with hands-on mentoring and intensive training in financial analysis and professional ethics. CFA Society Norway's 2019 Research Challenge took place on the 28th February, where each student was tested on their analytical, valuation, report writing, and presentation skills. Students gained real-world experience as they assumed the role of a research analyst.


Participating Universities:
1) BI Norwegian Business School
2) Nord University
3) Copenhagen Business School​​

 Networking Event - 19th February 2019

CFA Society Norway organised a Networking Event on the 19th February 2019. The event brought together a community of members and candidates to enjoy an evening of networking opportunities. 


Benefits included:
Local networking
-       Society membership connects you to your local CFA community
Professional development
-       Your local society has outstanding educational resources
Up to date information
-       From Blockchain to Big Data Privacy, your society helps you stay on top of the latest trends​​


 Charter Recognition Awards and Annual Christmas Dinner - 3rd December 2018

CFA Society Norway held thier Charter Awards Ceremony and Annual Dinner on the 3rd December 2018, where they congratulated and welcomed new CFA Charterholders.Completing the CFA Program and becoming a CFA Charterholder represent truly significant achievements in one's professional development and commitment to lifelong learning.

The speaker lineup included: 

Zouheir Tamim El Jarkass CFA
CFA Board of Governors

Shamik Dhar
Chief Economist
BNY Mellon Investment Management

The speakers' biographies can be viewed here.​

 Two Centuries of Factor Investing across Asset Classes - 13th September 2018

Factor investing event sep 2018.jpg 

Lauren Swinkels, PHD, held a good educational presentation on factor investment. The presentation consisted of two parts. In the first part, the similarities and differences between factor investing for equities and corporate bonds was discussed.


 In the second part, the deep historical evidence on factor investing across equities, government bonds, commodities, and currencies was presented.  

 Applying Behavioral Economics Inside an Investment Firm - 24th May 2018

stefan Lundbergh event1.jpg 

This interactive discussion covered the consequences for an investment firm of internalizing a behavioral economics mindset. Accepting our human nature will have significant impact on our understanding of the global economy. This has consequences for organization design, culture, strategic asset allocation and manager selection. There are no silver bullets, but there are ways to become a better investor in an uncertain and largely unpredictable world.

The presentation highlighted how our human nature influence the decisions that we make as investors. It is about the soft factor that drives the hard results.

  • Diversity in both models and people are central to better understand the world. Individual behavioral biases and group dynamics are crucial factors impacting our decisions. It is easy to say, but difficult to internalize in an organization.


Four examples to have discussed:

  • What are the challenges of only using the neo-classical toolbox?
  • What are the unintended consequences of investment guidelines?
  • Can scenario thinking help us construct more robust investment portfolios?
  • What to look for in an external manager, in addition to the hard data?

 Speaker : Stefan Lundbergh is Director of Cardano Insignts and a non-executive board member of the Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund(AP4).

 Shaping the Future of Finance - Gender Diversity in Investment Industry - 7th March 2018

Gender Diversity.jpg  


CFA Society Norway and NBIM hosted an event to address the need for diversity in investment management. Diversity is one key pillar of CFA Institute's Future of Finance program. Women are a minority in investment management across global markets, making them the "universal diversifier".  CFA Institute believe an initial focus on gender diversity will yield lessons applicable to other dimensions of diversity.

Alexandra Morris, CIO of Skagen, discussed gender diversity in the investment management industry. In her presentation "From Eve to Women in Front-End Finance", she gave her perspective and draw on the results from a research project conducted in the financial industry in Norway. The project was initiated by The Norwegian Securities Dealers Association(VPFF) to identify challenges and provide insights for practitioners on how to close the gender gap.