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14th Annual Forecast Dinner

By Erin Prosser posted 16 Jun, 2023 04:57 PM


We were thrilled to have hosted the 14th Annual Forecast Dinner in person on Friday, January 27, 2023, at the beautiful Manteo at Eldorado Resort. After the turmoil of COVID-19 and the associated risks of deflation, depression, then inflation, recession, and stagflation, what came next? Although many were looking forward to a calmer future, the long-term anchors of the global economy were all in motion, pointing to a rising trend in macroeconomic volatility.

The evening featured a keynote speech from our esteemed guest, the former Governor of the Bank of Canada, Stephen Poloz. Stephen offered his insights into how companies, households, and economic forecasters would adapt to this shifting landscape.

The keynote was followed by a fireside chat with Stephen Poloz, moderated by Andrew Sweeney, VP & Institutional Portfolio Manager at RBC Global Asset Management. Stephen and Andrew further unpacked the current age of uncertainty and what came next.

Stay tuned for information about next year's event!