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Collaborative WIM Presents
Money and Its Mind Games: Women, Money, & Power

 Thursday, September 9th: 1-2:30pm PT/ 4-5:30pm ET

Location: Zoom Meeting

Speaker: Marilyn Wechter

  • Introductions
  • Fireside Chat with Marilyn Wechter, Moderated by Déla Hoyi (Includes breakout room discussions with other event participants)
  • Q&A with Marilyn
  • Closing remarks

Please join us for the Collaborative WIM quarterly original event, hosted by CFA Society Oklahoma. Come prepared to chat in breakout sessions with your peers and participate in a live Q&A with Marilyn Wechter.

Collaborative Women in Investment Management (WIM) is a global initiative comprised of CFA Societies, FPA Chapters and industry groups who have joined efforts to further our shared vision of inclusion and diversity in capitalism. Our collaboration includes ~80 supporting organizations across the US, Canada, Caribbean, EMEA, and Latin America to demonstrate the commitment of the global finance community to inclusion and diversity, and to support the advancement and development of female leaders of all backgrounds. To learn more, consider joining the LinkedIn Group: Collaborative WIM Initiative.

Women, Money, and Power :
From a Psychological Perspective
As you all know, money is a loaded topic for most people- and it is usually more difficult for people to talk about than sex! In this afternoon's discussion, that's just what we are going to be doing - not talking about the allocations or the strategies, but rather, the psychological relationships that we all have with money. We are going to talk about why it's so important to come to terms with, and take responsibility for, not just our finances but also our psychological relationship to our finances and money. Our own histories and feelings about money have a huge impact on how we think about using it and sharing it. Making those feelings conscious can be of enormous value. So, even though professionally, you deal with money and people's issues around it all day, this is going to be a discussion to help you think a bit about your own relationships with money- to try and make the underlying thoughts and feelings a bit less syntonic and more dystonic! And, my hope is, that this will also be a way of thinking that can benefit your clients! 

Speaker: Marilyn Wechter
DSC03888 (1).jpegMarilyn Wechter is a psychotherapist and wealth counselor in private practice. In her specialty area of wealth counseling, she focuses on topics relating to money, wealth and the stressors associated with them.  Her work addresses a variety of issues, such as: women, money and power; privilege and parenting; psychological considerations in estate planning; and the uses of philanthropy. She meets with individuals, families and mutigenerational groups to provide counsel about the complex psychological dynamics surrounding wealth.  Marilyn also works directly with estate lawyers and planners, financial and investment advisors, and executive coaches. Based in St Louis Missouri, she works with individuals and institutions around the country.
Marilyn taught at the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University and at Webster University, both in St. Louis.

Moderator: Déla Hoyi


Déla Hoyi is a senior economist and advisor for the federal government of Canada. She has experience in public policy research and analysis, public programs design, portfolio management, financial management and government decision-making. In all her endeavours, she strives for positive contributions. After her bachelor’s degree with honours in mathematics and economics, followed by a master’s degree in economics, she took on a challenge and completed the requirements of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. CFA charterholder from 2016 to 2019 and past board member of the CFA Society Ottawa, Déla is an ally to the CFA Societies women in investment management initiatives. She

is an avid gardener, baked goods enthusiast and passionate about helping others. Continued education is top of mind, and she is always looking for ways to grow personally and professionally, hone her verbal and non-verbal communication skills and learn from her peers. 


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