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Paul Smith, CFA & Chris Cannon, CFA - COVID-19: Around the World and Back Again

[The Investors First Podcast, EP. 04]



This episode features two guests. The first is Paul Smith, who was previously the President and CEO of the CFA Institute.  Paul has more than 25 years of relevant financial services leadership experience in many aspects of the investment management industry. The second is Chris Cannon, who is the Chief Investment Officer of FirsTrust, an RIA in Daytona Beach, Florida. He is also a board member and the Advocacy Chair for the CFA Society of Orlando.

In this episode, Smith covers the current mood in Hong Kong (where he resides) and what he expects to happen when social distancing ceases there, what challenges COVID-19 give the CFA Institute and individual societies, why it is critically important today to avoid the illusion of precision, and what he thinks people should learn while staying at home.   

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Episode Notes

0:38 –  Colby Donovan and Chris Cannon introduce the podcast

2:10 – Introduce Paul Smith

4:40 – Current mood in Hong Kong with regards to both social unrest and COVID-19

8:10 – Challenges the CFA Institute and individual societies are facing while respecting social distancing

14:38 – Impact of COVID-19 on globalization

18:25 – Lessons to be taken from the COVID-19 crisis for individuals and countries

21:33 – The idea that financial analysts have created the illusion of precision

25:35 – Mistakes he’s seen people make in past crises

32:18 – What skills or information should people learn while at home?

35:10 - What is the most egregious ethics violation you have seen over the course of your career?