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Tyrone Ross & Frank Garcia, CFA: Financial Literacy, Poverty in America, & Bitcoin's Potential

[The Investors First Podcast, EP. 27]



Our guest today is Tyrone Ross, CEO of Onramp Invest, a fintech platform designed for the next generation of advisors and investors.  


The majority of our conversation today focuses on Tyrone's passion: lifting up Americans out of poverty and expanding the reach of financial education. Tyrone explains why the current state of financial education in schools is lacking and what he is doing to help fix it, why he believes bitcoin will be beneficial to inner city communities, and the exciting platform he is working on with Onramp Invest. 


Our guest-host today is Frank Garcia, Co-Chief Investment Officer at Resource Consulting Group and Vice President of CFA Society of Orlando. 


You can follow Tyrone on Twitter @TR401 and click here to see and support his work on financial education. 

Follow the CFA Society of Orlando on Twitter at @CFAOrlandoFL

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