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Guest: Vincent Milhau, PhD 

Host(s): Steve Curley, CFA & Sebastien Gault, CFA

Episode: Vincent Milhau, PhD: EDHEC Risk Institute & The Future of Goals Based Investing

[The Investors First Podcast, EP. 44]

Our guest today is Dr. Vincent Milhau, who is a Research Director of the EDHEC-Risk Institute. Vincent is in charge of several research projects at the Institute in the fields of portfolio optimization and asset allocation for institutional and individual investors. Most of these projects are funded by large industry players interested in the latest advances in risk management and asset allocation. His main focus is on goal-based investing or GBI and it is what we focus on in the episode.


Vincent has a diverse academic background that ranges from his bachelor's degree in Mathematics at University of Paris to graduate work in modeling, statistics and finance. He finished his academic studies with his PhD in Finance from University of Nice, where the EDHEC Risk Institute is located.

In this episode, we discuss a variety of topics centered around GBI, with the focus on retirement investing for individuals. Our listeners will receive a primer on GBI, flaws with existing strategies, new ways we can address the retirement problem and more.


Please enjoy the episode. 


Our local co-hosts today are Steve Curley, CFA (President of CFA Society Orlando) & Sebastien Gault, CFA (Member of CFA Society Orlando, who is originally from Nice).

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