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 Why Choose a CFA® Charterholder to Manage Your Wealth?

Think about it. You would never work with a doctor who did not have the proven intellectual capability to make an accurate diagnosis. Similarly, you would probably not work with someone who lacked the emotional intelligence to understand the thoughts and feelings which could affect you during your treatment. Why should managing your wealth be any different than managing your health?

Selecting a wealth adviser is not a decision to be taken lightly. Wealth is complex, all-encompassing and touches all facets of life—from family to career, hopes to fears, and goals to needs.


why_hire_handshake.jpgWhy Hire?

Demand the best for your portfolio. Ask a CFA charterholder to manage it.

Read more (PDF)

women.jpgGender Diversity

How to close the gender gap within the finance industry.

Learn more (PDF)

collaboration.jpgThe Value of Premium Wealth Management

Selecting a qualified wealth adviser is as important as choosing a qualified medical professional. Read the full report (PDF) or download the infographic (PDF)

Upload.jpgRealize Your Rights

When engaging the services of financial professionals and organizations, I have the right to… use the Realize Your Rights guide (PDF) tp clarify what you can expect


​​​​For Investors
Learn more about partnering with a CFA charterholderBy partnering with a CFA charterholder, you’re partnering with an investment manager who always puts investors first — someone with proven knowledge and who’s fully equipped to navigate the uncertainties of the financial world. Learn More

For Employers
Learn more about hiring a CFA charterholderBy hiring a CFA charterholder, you’re hiring someone with unparalleled financial knowledge and the communication skills to convey even the most complicated financial matters to your clients — you’re hiring someone who’ll contribute to the integrity and credibility of your organization. Learn More

For Investment Management Professionals
Learn how to get involved with the CFA ProgramThe CFA Program provides investment professionals with a strong foundation in advanced investment analysis, real-world portfolio management skills, and a passion for always putting clients’ interests first.​ Learn More





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