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 Been there, read that.

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 What are we reading next?

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Join CFA Society San Diego for the next virtual book club meeting on Tuesday, March 9 from 6:00-8:00pm to discuss The Deficit Myth by Stephanie Kelton. 

Stephanie Kelton's brilliant exploration of modern monetary theory (MMT) dramatically changes our understanding of how we can best deal with crucial issues ranging from poverty and inequality to creating jobs, expanding health care coverage, climate change, and building resilient infrastructure. Any ambitious proposal, however, inevitably runs into the buzz saw of how to find the money to pay for it, rooted in myths about deficits that are hobbling us as a country.
Kelton busts through the myths that prevent us from taking action: that the federal government should budget like a household, that deficits will harm the next generation, crowd out private investment, and undermine long-term growth, and that entitlements are propelling us toward a grave fiscal crisis.

MMT, as Kelton shows, shifts the terrain from narrow budgetary questions to one of broader economic and social benefits. With its important new ways of understanding money, taxes, and the critical role of deficit spending, MMT redefines how to responsibly use our resources so that we can maximize our potential as a society. MMT gives us the power to imagine a new politics and a new economy and move from a narrative of scarcity to one of opportunity.

 How are books selected?

It's a simple yet highly democratic process. Book Club Members make suggestions and we take a vote. Can you guess what happens next? The book with the most votes wins!

Interested in joining our Book Club? Email our Managing Director. The more, the merrier! 

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