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Masterclass on Venture Capital and Start-ups by Arvind P. Mathur

Event Description


Masterclass on Venture Capital and Start-Ups 

18 October & 19 October 2018​

Course Director: Arvind P. Mathur

This workshop is eligible for 14 CE and CPD hours. ​

Eligible for FTS Credit - Programme Code : P180608XGP


Venture capital and angel funding have become a critical element in the start-up, entrepreneurial and capital market scene. Unlike in the past, billions of dollars are now being allocated to these asset classes, despite their high risk-high return, risk profile. The factors driving this change will be discussed interactively in the Masterclass. New business models attracting venture capitalists are disrupting old approaches and with the potential to innovate and create billions of dollars of value and unicorns. New investors – large and small- are entering this asset class including sovereign wealth funds, angels and high net-worth individuals.

On Day 1, the success strategies of leading venture capitalists like Softbank and Sequoia Capital will be analyzed and discussed. The inner working, structure and incentives of venture capital funds will be analyzed. The characteristics of the type of deals that attract the top VC's and angels will be identified. In this context, how the top VC's source deals and what they regard as the key ingredients of successful entrepreneurs and their investment rationale will be discussed interactively. The methods by which VC's add value to portfolio companies will be illustrated. The attributes and the operating methods of angel investors will be identified. Case studies of successful investments will be used to highlight key lessons.​

On Day 2, the challenges faced by start-ups will be identified. Particular emphasis will be placed on how start-ups can scale successfully. Examples of start-ups that have scaled exponentially will be provided. The methods of valuing start-ups at various stages will be covered. The capital structure and the role of the option pool in incentivizing and aligning the interests of founders, staff and investors will be illustrated. The structuring of various types of exits, the risks involved and their implementation will be shown with examples. Finally, in order to drive home key techniques, the crescendo will be a negotiation game, facilitated by the Course Director, which will be played by all participants to prepare and negotiate VC term sheets. 

Who should attend ?

- Holders of CFA, CAIA, FRM, MBA qualifications

- Venture capital fund managers

- Investment Officers

- Entrepreneurs, including start-ups

- Limited Partners

- Founders & Directors

- Sovereign Wealth Funds

- Insurance Companies

- Private equity managers

- High net-worth Angel Investors

- Corporate VC Managers

- Engineers

- Bankers

- Risk Managers

- Lawyers

- ​Accountants

Benefits of the Course

- Understand the  structuring, raising and the management of a VC fund
- Know how funds are raised by start-ups from angels & VCs
- See the experience of how famed start-ups grew & scaled rapidly
- Identify the characteristics of  successful entrepreneurs
- Learn how venture capital funds invest, divest &  build portfolios 
- Discuss how fund managers add value to portfolio companies
- Understand how key deal structuring issues are addressed and term sheets are negotiated
- Understand the drivers of start-up valuation & option arrangements
- Understand venture capital term sheets

Course Outline :

Day One

Funding for Startups: Venture and Angel Capital

- Broad definition

- Terminology

- Venture, Angel & Private Equity- outlined and distinguished

- Fund versus direct investing

- Venture Debt

- Fund of Funds

- Case Study: Sequoia Capital

How Venture Capital Funds Operate

- Structure-the GP/LP model

- Fund Governance, Investment Committee, Advisory Board, Conflicts of Interest Resolution

- Fees and carried interest

- Allocated, committed, drawn-down and invested capital, The J-curve

- Term Sheet

- Case Study: Alibaba: Goldman Sachs

Start-up Funding: How Angels Operate

- The Start-up Eco-System

- Qualities of an Ideal Angel

- Bands of Angels

- Value Addition & Mentorship

- Holding Period & Exits to VCs

- Case Studies

Value Addition by VCs

- Myth & Reality

- Governance Value Add

- Financial Value Add

- Operational Value Add

Quality of Deal Flow

- Ingredients of Entrepreneurial Success & Billion Dollar Unicorns

- Applications, not technology

- Sectors of Appeal-New Disruptive Business Models

- Stages-Angel, early to late stage

- Funding Rounds

- The Silicon Valley Model

- Asia Emerging Markets

- Case Study: Google

Day Two

Start-up Challenges: Initial & Scaling Stages

- The Start-up Curve

- Why scaling is critical

- Scalable businesses

- Process

- Technology

- Case Study: The Ultimate Scaling Cases

Capital Structure &  Options in Start-ups

- Instruments

- Alignment

- The Option Pool

- Eligibilit​y

- Vesting

- Case Studies: Capital Structure of Google & Alibaba


- Drivers of Start-up Valuation

- The VC Method

- Valuation Linked to Milestones

- Standard Valuation Methodologies

Exit Strategies

- Put Option

- Trade Sale, IPO, other methods

- Execution

- Case Studies

Venture Capital Term Sheet Negotiation Game

- Participants to Draft Venture Capital Term Sheet

- Participants to Negotiate Term Sheets facilitated by the Course Director








This workshop is eligible for 14 CE and CPD hours. ​​

Eligible for FTS Credit - Programme Code : P180608XGP

 Course Fee:

CFA Singapore member price : S$1,580* (Early B​ird fee) / S$1,780* (Standard fee)

Non-member price : S$1,780* (Early Bird fee) / S$1,980* (Standard fee)

Early bird fee valid till 18 September 2018

* Prices before 7% GST

* 10% off Group Discount available​

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Society; Educational

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Start Time

10/18/2018 9:00

End Time

10/19/2018 17:00





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Asia Pacific

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Arvind P. Mathur, CFA, FRM

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Member Price

S$1,580* (Early Bird fee) / S$1,780* (Standard fee)

Non-Member Price

S$1,780* (Early Bird fee) / S$1,980* (Standard fee)

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