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The Personal Branding Masterclass by Eric Sim

Event Description


The Personal Branding Masterclass:

Building Your Personal Professional Brand 

14 March 2019​

Trainer : Mr. Eric Sim, CFA, PRM


It is not just what you know but also what people think you know that helps you advance your career. A strong personal professional brand will let your target audience understand your USP (unique selling proposition). A strong brand helps you win trust, build relationship and expand your network quickly. You will become more influential at work and outside work.

With 2.5m followers on LinkedIn, Eric Sim is globally the most followed CFA Charter holder on LinkedIn.

In this masterclass, he will provide you with a step-by-step guide on building your personal professional brand both online and offline. This masterclass will help you leverage the power of social media, in particular, LinkedIn and WeChat to stand out from the crowd.

The objectives are:

  1. To build a powerful online profile that promotes your brand 24x7
  2. To develop your USP (unique selling proposition)
  3. To get more engagement for your social media posts 

Who should attend 

Financial professionals who want to advance their career, increase sales or build their network: 

  • Asset managers, private bankers, corporate bankers and investment bankers who want to expand their client base
  • Global markets and treasury sales people who want to increase sales
  • Finance industry leaders who want to share thought leadership
  • Marketing and communications professionals who want to leverage the power of social media to promote their financial institutions and senior management.
  • Auditing firm partners who want to bring in business for their firms
  • Fintech founders who want to market themselves and their companies
  • Mid career executives who want leverage social media to advance their careers

Training Methodology

This masterclass includes hands-on sessions. Participants are required to bring along their laptop. They should have set up their LinkedIn and WeChat account before coming to the class.

Course Outline

  1. Why branding and what it can do for you
  2. Develop your USP (unique selling proposition)
  3. Social media strategy for finance professionals
  4. Build a powerful online profile
  5. Activities that help reinforce your brand
  6. What your target audience look for
  7. What to post and how to write for online readers
  8. How to create infographics and take attractive photos
  9. Use your brand to expand your network and build meaningful relationship
  10. Get more likes for your social media posts

Course Fee:

CFA Singapore member price : S$280* (Early Bird fee) / S$350* (Standard fee)

Non-member price : S$350* (Early Bird fee) / S$440* (Standard fee)

Early bird fee valid till 28 February 2019

* Prices before 7% GST

* 10% off Group Discount available​​

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Society; Educational

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3/14/2019 14:00

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3/14/2019 17:00





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Asia Pacific

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Eric Sim, CFA, PRM

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Member Price

S$280* (Early Bird fee) / S$350* (Standard fee)

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S$350* (Early Bird fee) / S$440* (Standard fee)

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