CFA Society Singapore

A Member of the CFA Institute Global Network of Societies

​​Career Development Committee​

Chairperson: Kanol Pal, CFA

The Career Development Committee (CDC) runs activities to help members consider their long term career plans while expanding their network of contacts in the industry. The activities are selectively open to CFA candidates, students of partner Universities and other industry partners.

Mission / Objectives
The Committee seeks to promote and encourage investment professionals in the financial services industry in Singapore to continue developing themselves in order to succeed in a highly competitive environment. Where external communications are required to be undertaken on behalf of CFA Singapore, the Chair/Co-Chair of the committee will have the authority to do so.

Scope / Processes
In carrying out its objectives, the Committee seeks to:
  1. Identify industry partners to support the Committee's initiatives;
  2. Identify speakers and organise Career Development events.

correct as of 14 September 2015