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The Professional Development Committee (PD) is directed to promote and encourage investment professionals in the financial services industry in Singapore to continue developing themselves in order to succeed in a highly competitive environment that appreciates and values trustworthiness by providing ample opportunities to further their knowledge, skills and abilities. The committee organises events to meet its objectives. Events organised generally take the form of expert speaker and forum / panel events.

Co-Chairpersons: Alex Ho, CFA; Victor Ong, CFA

Career Development

The Career Development Committee (CDC) runs activities to help members consider their long term career plans while expanding their network of contacts in the industry. The activities are selectively open to CFA candidates, students of partner Universities and other industry partners.

Co-Chairperson: Kanol Pal,CFA; Simon Ng, CFA


Social events and themed-based activities organised exclusively for members and industry practitioners.

 2017 events

 Past Events

 Global Passport Programme

The Global Passport Programme allows members of CFA Singapore to attend other society events at the local member price.
When you travel, contact the local society using the Society Directory​ to learn about eligible events and other networking opportunities.​​​