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 Testimonials from past Mentors and Mentees

​Mentors : 
  • ​It is a great programme for anyone who is serious about advancing their career. Sometimes we hit a stumbling block in our career and just need a little push or perspective to get across. I was lucky I found the help I needed here.​ 
  • This was a well put together programme that not only helps the mentee, but as a mentor it helped me reflect back on my own career journey and helped me focus on doing things that worked well for me in the past. 
  • ​It is our form of contributing part to the financial industry by guiding our juniors in terms of pitfalls, strategies and goal settings for their careers and other objectives
  • The Mentoring programme is very useful for young mentees to learn from the experience of the mentors and guide them in their career. I wish there were similar programs, 30 years ago when I started my career as an auditor. It is important for young professionals to find a career, not just for monetary reasons, but to enjoy their work and find challenges. It can also be a useful networking programme.
  • A great​ program that benefitted not just the mentee but the mentor too!​
  • Mentees must come to mentorship program with an objective in mind to derive maximum benefits from program
  • Great chance to impact someone's professional life. Greatly enjoyed the responsibility and learning for me that came with that.
  • The mentorship program was a rewarding experience. A great way to build your network and help others work through the challenges of the industry.
  • ​The mentoring programme is an enriching experience both for the mentor or mentee.
Mentees :
  • Join the programme! You will be surprised at what connections you will be able to build, and surprised again at how much the Mentors are willing to share and guide you!​
  • It helped me to understand myself and other​s better and how to better conduct myself professionally a​t work
  • The Mentoring Programme exceeded my expectations. I had an experienced mentor who was able to give candid feedback and advice that helped me to grow faster professionally.
  • The Mentoring Programme organized by CFA Singapore provides a fantastic opportunity for young people and industry veterans to have a two-way conversation and foster long lasting relationship.
  • One never truly knows the value of an objective mentor in one's life, though this is something that everybody needs at every stage in life. I am honored to have been part of the first batch of mentees in the CFA Mentoring Programme, and this has inspired me to give back by participating more in CFA Singapore's activities, as well as taking a group of undergraduate mentees under my wing.​
  • Its a great programme that conencts one with senior people in the industry. My mentor tried her best to put in missing pieces in my career and asked me right questions to put me in right direction 
  • I'm glad to have participated in the CFA Mentoring Programme which served as a excellent platform for me to obtain advice from seasoned professionals in the field. I also get to mingle with like-minded budding professionals who have just stepped into the industry.
  • Overall, I gained not just one mentor, but also many other acquaintances too! 
  • The CFA Mentoring Programme provides great opportunities to network with industry veterans and peers in the industry. I feel so privileged to get career advice from someone who has over two decades of experience in the industry. The mentors are genuinely interested in your career development and issues. The CFA Society did a great job organizing all the training and networking sessions
  • The programme has definitely stimulated my personal and career growth. 
  • The CFA Singapore Mentoring Programme has allowed me to meet with industry professionals who have provided me with valuable advice from their experiences. The lessons learnt from them will go a long way in helping me built a career. Thank you!
  • ​CFA's mentoring programme is a great way to get to know experienced professionals within the investment management industry- the advice and friendship have been incredibly fruitful.
  • Good program, recommend that it continues in the future to nurture finance professionals

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