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Learn how to make a difference in your career—and the world!

The CFA Institute Certificate in ESG Investing gives you the knowledge you need to manage investments with a focus on integrating environmental, social, and governance factors. It can help you gain an edge in a fast-moving market.

You'll develop expertise in a field in high demand by top firms worldwide and become part of the solution to the top issues impacting our world.

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To view the CFA Institute ESG Certification Information Session where Klaus Paesler, CFA and Julia Orlich 

discussed the background of the certificate and ESG curriculum - Click here

Local CFA charterholder testimonials: 

"When I became a CFA charterholder, ESG did not feature in the curriculum. ESG investing is on the rise, and this trend is likely to continue. For investment professionals, it is a competitive advantage to understand ESG investing strategy. I am always looking for opportunities to upskill myself to provide my clients with the most comprehensive advice in the field of impact investing. I chose to pursue the CFA Institute ESG Investing Certificate because it is a globally recognized certification, and I trusted the curriculum rigor offered by the CFA Institute. The study materials provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the ESG industry, details of each of the ESG factors, as well as ESG investing analysis, valuation, integration and portfolio construction.

It was not an easy endeavour given my work and personal commitments. But I'm glad to have challenged myself to gain valuable skills. " 

"It is crucial for investment professionals to be well informed about the topic of ESG, given the importance as well as popularity of the topic with clients. While it may be possible to self-educate by immersing yourself in publications of organisations such as the UNPRI, the CFA ESG certificate brings the most important information together in one place. The content is well researched and logically presented. There is a good balance of theoretical knowledge as well as examples of how ESG considerations can practically be implemented. The links to further reading are also very valuable and allows practitioners to delve into topics of interest more deeply. Completing the CFA ESG certificate is certainly a worthwhile endeavour."

“As a CA(SA) in the financial services sector, I understand the crucial role that we play in the transformation of the economy to one that is sustainable for all. From climate change to the coronavirus pandemic to social issues, these megatrends have contributed to a global discussion on the link between sustainability and the financial system. The CFA Institute Certificate in ESG investing has provided me with invaluable insights on the need and benefits of integrating ESG in investment decision making. This self-paced programme defines what ESG is, why it is important and how we can analyze and integrate it into business. Being part of a team that focuses on enabling our customers to approach business in a more sustainable manner, I am glad to have earned this practical and unique qualification.”