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11/21/2022Sr. Investment AnalystDeerfield Beach, FLJM Family Enterprises
11/1/2022Financial AdvisorBoca Raton, FLMutual of Omaha


​CFA Society South Florida supports your job search by listing job opportunities in our local and regional market.

Employment listings supplied directly to CFA Society South Florida are listed for up to three months or until we are informed that the position is no longer available. CFA Society South Florida is not responsible for accuracy of information supplied. Contact the designated individuals for more information.

To print a job listing: Open the desired listing by clicking on link under position column, turn on shrink to fit, choose landscape page orientation and click print. Some listings have printable versions saved as attachments. If a listing has an attachment available, it will be indicated by a paper clip displayed to the right of listing. To access the attachment, open the listing and scroll down to the clickable attachment link.


NOTE: If you are currently unemployed, both CFA Institute and CFA Society South Florida offer reduced member dues. Please review Retired Status​.​​

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