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Past Events List

CAIA Iberia: Cryptocurrencies and digital Assets,: Market Structure, Risk, and Opportunities5/12/2022
Commodities: a new bull run: how investing into commodities can help diversifying the portfolios and protect from inflation5/5/2022
Comité ESG - El papel de los países Emergentes4/28/2022
Comité ESG - Biodiversity & Investments - NUEVA FECHA PENDIENTE DE CONFIRMAR4/12/2022
Charla con Amundi: Adaptar las carteras en tiempos de crisis4/6/2022
CQF Institute: Reinforcement Learning and Hidden Markov Model Based Smart Trading Strategies4/5/2022
Improving Your Communication Skills in International Business3/31/2022
Inflation Forecasting Model, Policy Divergence and Geopolitical Risks3/29/2022
Fidelity: Renta Variable GlobalMadrid3/24/2022
BrightGateCapital: Seminarios Educativos sobre LatAm - approach BOTTOM-UP3/23/2022
BIOS VI3/16/2022
BrightGateCapital: Seminarios Educativos sobre LatAm - approach TOP-DOWN3/16/2022
GAM - Beyond the Obvious3/15/2022
Rankia: La designación CFA. ¿Qué es y para qué sirve?3/14/2022
Comité ESG - Sustainable Investing Integrating the UN SDGs in Investments3/10/2022
CQF Institute: What Short Rate Model Should I use?3/9/2022
CFA Chile: "Crypto & DeFi | Latam & Caribbean"3/2/2022
BrightGateCapital: Baker Steel. A Master Class on Commodities2/23/2022
Moody's Investors Service España: Credit Trends2/17/2022
Conferencia “Direct Lending”2/10/2022
Flossbach von Storch - Conferencia web de Renta Fija 1T/20222/10/2022
Lazard: Perspectivas Macroeconómicas y Financieras2/10/2022
Memory Techniques Workshop Maximizing Memory for Financial Professionals 2/9/2022
CQF Institute: Neither God nor Machine: Man's model2/8/2022
EPIKA: China2/8/2022
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