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The following Society committees were established. The committees are headed/co-headed by the following Board Members:

Coordinates local advocacy efforts
Chair: Andrii Shcherbyna, CFA; Oleksii Sobolev, CFA

Maintains the viability of society and CFA Institute through recruitment and retention of members
Chair: Roman Perepelytsia, CFA

Career Development & Job Placement
Supports members of the Society in their career growth, responsible for HR activities for the Society
Chair: Elena Matviychuk

Industry Relationship & Sponsorship 
Maintains relations with industry representatives and responsible for attracting sponsorship to the Society
Co-chairs: Olga Burenko, CFA

Education & University Relations
Maintains communication between university faculty and students and the investment community, organisation of CFA Institute Research Challenge in Ukraine
Chair: Roman Anzin

PR Committee &​​ Branding
Develops the branding policy​ ​of the Society 
Chair: Oleksandr Shvachko, CFA

Ethics, Governance and Disciplinary 
Develops the internal Society policies, responsible for disciplinary actions 
Chair: Valentyn Khokhlov, CFA

Governs the nominations processes (elections, CFA Institute conference participation, member recognition, etc.)
Co-Chairs: Andriy Klymchuk, CFA; Andrey Bespyatov, CFA; Yevhen Hrebeniuk, CFA; Oleksii Sobolev, CFA

Chairs of the committees are responsible for development of the committee working plans, management of the committees’ activities and reporting on the committees’ work results to the Board.

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