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 Mentorship Program


CFA Society Vancouver Mentorship Program - 2020

CFA Society Vancouver's Mentorship Program is a year-long volunteer program that pairs industry- experienced mentors with entry and mid-level professionals in the investment profession. It is intended to support the personal and professional growth of our members.

The Mentorship Program has been designed to create a mutually beneficial relationship for both mentors and mentees and the program length offers adequate time to build mutual trust and rapport.

Mentees will benefit from their mentors' shared experiences and guidance, as they explore career paths in the investment industry. Mentors will provide the perspective necessary for success in the investment profession while strengthening their leadership skills as they coach, motivate, and empower mentees.

Please note that the Mentorship Program is not designed to be used as a recruiting platform by mentors or as a job search opportunity by mentees.

Mentee Eligibility:  CFA Society Vancouver Charterholder Member

Mentor Eligibility:   CFA Society Vancouver Charterholder Member

You could be a Mentor if you:

  • Wish to contribute to the professional community in a direct and highly-rewarding way 
  • Have the inclination and expertise to support and guide a mentee, and are open to sharing insights and experiences gleaned from your career
  • Are willing to take an active role in your mentee's career development by helping with career decisions, imparting industry knowledge, and (where necessary) facilitating introductions to CFA Society Vancouver members  and experienced professionals
  • Are a good listener and communicator, and can hold conversations in the strictest confidence
  • Can commit to at least one hour per calendar quarter for one-on-one meetings with your mentee

 You could be a Mentee if you:

  • Are striving to reach the next stage in your career or are considering a transition to a different area of the investment industry
  • Recognize that mentoring is a valuable tool for professional development and growth
  • Are receptive to feedback and guidance from your mentor and are willing to implement his or her suggestions
  • Can be a proactive and enthusiastic participant in meetings with your mentor
  • Always respect the mentor's time and appreciate the efforts being put by your mentor into your development
  • Are a good listener and can hold conversations in the strictest confidence
  • Can commit to at least one hour per calendar quarter for one-on-one meetings with your mentor

Time Commitment
Program Duration:
January 1 to December 31, 2020

"Break the Ice" Session:
December 4, 2019
7:30 am - 9:30 am
Attendance is mandatory for all 2020 Program mentors and mentees.

In-person meetings:
At least one hour per calendar quarter.

Other communication:
At least once a month.

To the Mentorship Committee:
Completion of check-ins via feedback survey.

How to Apply

Application forms (for mentors and mentees) will be available until October 11, 2019. 

For more information, please contact Suzanne Martin or 604-986-9856.  ​


​​Thank you to McNeill Nakamoto for their continued support of our Mentorship Program.




 Program FAQs

 Application Forms - 2020

 Important Dates

September 11, 2019:
Mentorship Program Information Session – open to all interested charterholder members.

October 11, 2019:
Application Deadline – for both mentor and mentee applicants. Late applications will not be accepted.

December 4, 2019:
“Break the Ice” Session – 1.5 hours. Attendance is mandatory for all 2020 Program mentors and mentees. This session will provide guidelines to enable participants to derive the most value from the program.