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 Volunteer of the Year

Volunteer of the Year 2019.jpg
Ian Robertson, CFA; Janine Guenther, CFA; CFA Society Vancouver President Michael Job, CFA

Congratulations to Ian and Janine for being recognized as the 2019 Volunteers of the Year for all their hard work over the last 15 years.

 CFA Society Vancouver Committees

As a Society run by volunteers, CFA Society Vancouver values the contribution its volunteers make to the Society as a whole and to the investment community.

Candidates Development
The Candidates Development Committee organizes programs and activities, which help CFA Program candidates and potential candidates address topics on the CFA Program, career development, career management, and career transition during and after the completion of the Program.  The Committee also coordinates and administers the CFA Exam Scholarships twice per year, organizes information sessions at local post-secondary institutions, and offers the Boston Mock Exam to candidates.

Finance & Governance
The Finance & Governance Committee is responsible for overseeing the financial transactions and investments of CFA Society Vancouver.  The Committee prepares annual budgets for approval by the board of directors, reviews monthly financial reports, and provides financial analysis of the Society's investments.

Forecast Dinner
The annual Forecast Dinner is considered one of CFA Society Vancouver's most prominent events.  The dinner provides members and their clients with the opportunity to hear relevant unbiased forecasts of future market expectations.

Media Outreach
The Media Outreach Committee creates and distributes a member directory of CFA Society Vancouver members authorized to provide commentary on current industry news and issues.

The purpose of the Programs Committee is to provide educational programs that fit the mandate and strategy of CFA Society Vancouver, (e.g. professional development, networking, client relations, etc.), as well as the requirements of CFA Institute.  The objective is to ensure quality programming is available for the CFA Society Vancouver membership, clients, investors and other professionals.

Public Awareness
The purpose of the Awareness Committee is to enhance awareness of the CFA brand within the Vancouver investment community, including CFA Society Vancouver members, employers, academia, members of other professional organizations, financial and business media contacts, and the general investing public.

Social Committee
The Social Committee organizes a variety of social events throughout the year for CFA Society Vancouver members, candidates and other industry professionals.  Examples of past social events include pub nights and martini tasting events.

The goal of the Sponsorship Committee is to introduce CFA Society Vancouver to a variety of sponsors that may be interested in partnering with the Society for major events and programs, and supporting our mission to promote best practices and the highest professional and ethical standards in the investment industry.  Sponsorship opportunities include the Forecast Dinner, CFA Day, seminars and workshops, and networking events. 

University Outreach
The University Outreach Committee's goals are to increase awareness of the designation amongst students and to enhance the Society's relationships with local universities and colleges.  This is accomplished through educational seminars and presentations, in addition to participation at various career and education fairs.  The Committee is also mandated to provide opportunities for students to become involved with CFA Society Vancouver, as well as the local Financial community. 

 Volunteer Opportunities

CFA Society Vancouver is seeking enthusiastic volunteers for a vairety of committees.  Please contact us directly with any questions.


 Volunteer Testimonials

Volunteering, for me, has always been about espousing and catalyzing interest amongst my peers. CFA Vancouver provides an excellent platform to engage driven individuals in my
professional field of interest on both sides of the table: other volunteers and audience
we engage with. Ultimately, I love what I do, and finding a group of people who think the
same way is hard to top. My volunteer work has been focused primarily on engaging with the next generation of financial professionals
through University Outreach. I am always impressed with students' enthusiasm. However, the opportunity to be a resource and resolve
what I truly believe is a major information gap between future graduates and the profession they seek is what makes the time commitment
invaluable. I my opinion, providing exposure to
the professional environment and the paths you can take to get there is what makes the
programs with the students work so well."

Eric Bukovinsky, CFA
Yaletown Venture Partners
Former CFA Institute Research Challenge Chair

"I found participating in the Investment Research Challenge to be rewarding and
insightful. Not only did I enjoy mentoring a group of students, I was impressed with
their dedication and ability to handle a complex project while they balanced their normal course load and exam schedule. It was encouraging and rewarding to see how
this experience affected them and I expect it will be valuable for them in their future
endeavours. It's a great feeling to have an impact on them as they develop their skills
and knowledge."

Jamie Kozak, CFA
Research Challenge Professional Mentor