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Who is Wiley?​

Wiley is a leading provider of content-enabled products and services with over 24 offices globally.  We currently partner with over 800 prestigious societies in every field, including CFAI, where we have several ongoing partnerships.

As a trusted name in finance, we bring our customers the best ideas and practices from experts and thought leaders in the field and we extend this discerning guidance to CFA® Exam candidates. 

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Seven Reasons to Choose Wiley for your CFA® Exam Review

We provide better outcomes powered by innovative learning technology.  Our online learning platform combines superior content with a proven online learning methodology. 

1.  The Best Content

Our explanations are detailed. We teach you the how to understand the concepts not just memorizing a formula or the recap. Our CFA Study Guides use colors and cross-references so you can clearly follow explanations and can map them back to the Program Curriculum.

We use decades of experience to discern content that is accurate and practical.

2.  Bite-Sized Lessons

 Our platform focuses critical content into "bite-sized" lessons to help busy professionals and students study in the most effective and efficient method possible.  

Bite-sized lessons use brain science and allow you to master concepts in 30-45 Minutes.

3.  No Expiration and Free Upgrades until you pass

Your CFA® course has no expiration date. Use it until you pass the CFA® Exam.   All course repeats, on-line content updates, and software upgrades are free. No fine print.

We are that confident you will pass.  It's the best guarantee in the market.

4.  Our CFA Practice Questions are closer to the CFAI exam questions

Our questions prepare you better by matching the exam difficulty, trap doors, and misdirection so you're ready for anything on exam day.

We have FIVE different kinds of assessments which best reflect CFA exam questions.

5.  Our CFA Video Lectures offer more depth

Wiley videos use whiteboards and worked examples to walk you through each solution in a way that helps you crystallize how topics are applied in practice so you build confidence.

Our compelling video lectures and narrative reinforces learning.

6.  Study on the Go

Study on the Go any time.  Our tablet-optimized Bite-Sized Lessons℠ let you master a key topic in 30-45 minutes, including reading text, watching a video, and answering assessment questions.

Keep your progress synchronized & pick up right where you left off.

7.  Top CFA® Instructors

We use expert instructors who have proven track records teaching candidates how to pass the CFA Exam, including Vancouver's Darren Degraaf, CFA, CPA (US), CMA, PRM. 


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