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 Corporate Partners

The CFAW Corporate Partner Program is a special, strategic, year-round program designed to recognize CFAW's most active business partners. Corporate Partners recognize the value of placing their brand in front of CFAW's membership and have a history of generously investing both funding and content to support the Society's program development.

Corporate partnership offers you the ability to holistically plan out your annual marketing efforts with CFAW on your time frame, typically at the beginning of the annual marketing budget cycle, and then lock it in for the year. Our partners have told us this makes their planning easier and guarantees them the exposure they are seeking without worry of missing out on an opportunity later.

How the Program Works

There is not a defined Corporate Partner sponsorship package. CFAW works with each Corporate Partner to custom plan their sponsorship/support for the year. These sponsorship packages are unique to each Corporate Partner, align with their individual marketing strategy, and are not publicly disclosed.

Corporate Partners select the events and activities they wish to sponsor and pay for them at the time of commitment to lock them in. The current minimum annual spend is $10,000.00, which makes this a very special program that understandably may not be for everyone. If your firm is ready to elevate its status from a sponsor to a Corporate Partner, please contact CFAW's CEO at .

The CFAW Corporate Partner Program represents a corporate sponsorship opportunity and does not involve a joint venture, partnership, or other formal affiliation between CFAW and the Corporate Partner.

2019 Corporate Partner Benefits

  • Strategically plan your marketing once, at the beginning of your marketing cycle  
  • Industry decision makers will see your CFAW partnership as your commitment to the industry
  • Ability to promote this partnership to your clients
  • Help shape CFAW events and suggest speakers
  • Complimentary tickets and preferred seating (when available)
  • Access to CFAW Member-Only Events
  • Logo visibility on CFAW homepage with a link to your webpage for 1 year
  • Acknowledgement in signage at all education and networking events
  • Acknowledgement at Annual Dinner
    • Listing in CFAW Annual Dinner program
    • Acknowledgement from the podium
    • Acknowledgement in signage and PowerPoint presentation
  • Ability to create and host an event as an official CFAW event

 Contact Us

​For additional information about the Corporate Partner Program, please contact:

Bill Scott, CAE
(202) 872-4310 x2