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5/12/2021 9:00 AM5/14/2021 5:00 PM

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​Introduction to Project Finance Boot Camp
Wednesday, May 12 – Friday, May 14
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET

Course Goals and Overview:

Project Finance Modeling requires complexity not seen in typical corporate finance models. This course breaks down everything needed to build and interpret project finance models for a transaction. Learn project finance financial statement modeling, debt sizing mechanics, running upside & downside cases, and more.

Day 1: Project Finance Principles; Modeling Best Practices

You will learn the principles for project finance and the key drivers for structuring transactions in order to maximize the benefits for debt lenders, equity investors and public agencies. Our instructors will walk you though project finance modeling best practices and how to set up your model to maximize efficiency. Students will begin the process of building a project finance model.

Day 2: Building the Project Finance Model

Trainees continue the project finance model building process with a focus on building operational calculations and financing structure calculations involving multiple tranches of debt and equity. These calculations will take into consideration accounting principles by providing students with hands on experience in building 3-statement accounting sheets to track project performance.

Day 3: Project Finance Model Completion

Trainees complete the project finance model and build model outputs to analyze the impact of various scenarios to key project metrics (ie: debt service coverage ratio, equity IRR, Project WACC) and financial statements. This day will allow for students to take a step back and understand the implications of various project assumptions to project performance.

What's Included?
Comprehensive training materials (manuals and online exercises), Detailed reusable modifiable Excel model templates, Unlimited e-mail support for content-related questions for 12 months post-seminar.

What You'll Need: Laptop, Notepad, and Calculator

Shesi Xie.png
Shesi Xie
Instructor, Wall Street Prep

Shesi Xie, has 10+ years of experience in the social infrastructure and transportation sectors. She has extensive experience in project finance, asset privatizations, infrastructure commercial strategy, and public private partnerships. Prior to founding SXM Strategies, Shesi was a Vice President in KPMG’s Infrastructure Advisory Practice and was the financial and commercial advisor to various public agencies for their alternative delivery programs. Her work consisted of project screening, financial analysis, financial modeling, term sheet negotiation, and commercial structuring advice for public and private sector clients.

This Virtual Course is Instructed by our training partner, Wall Street Prep.

5/18/2021 4:00 PM5/18/2021 5:00 PM
Cannabis Marketing Photo - For Old Website.jpg

​Cannabis Industry Update: 
Weeding Through the Insights and Opportunities
Tuesday, May 18 | 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM ET

Some are comparing the legalization of cannabis to the end of Prohibition and there is no shortage of large and small green entrepreneurs racing to claim their stake in what Grand View Research estimates to be a $66 billion industry by the year 2025. However, are the people, the local, state and federal governments and financial markets ready for this billion-dollar green economy?

We invite you to join us as Kristoffer Inton, Director of Basic Materials Equity Research at Morningstar moderates a discussion with Daniel Stipano, Partner, Davis Polk & Wardwell Financial Institutions Group, Lauren Kohr, SVP Chief Risk Officer, Old Dominion National Bank and Jaret Seiberg Washington Research Group, Financial Services, Cowen Investment Management as they discuss the future of the cannabis market. We’ll review various state, federal and non-US cannabis laws, current and upcoming legislation reform efforts, potential regulatory and enforcement risks and investment opportunities and risks.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Reviewing various state, federal and non-US cannabis laws – where are we and where are we going?
  • Learn how marijuana proceeds move via alternative payment systems through financial institutions. Which aspects of Banking and/or FinTech can/will participate?
  • Current and upcoming legislation reform efforts, recent industry guidance, and what may change under the new administration.
  • Potential regulatory and enforcement risks associated with offering financial services to cannabis-related businesses (CRBs), and best practices for mitigating those risks.
  • Navigating the regulatory complexities for the cannabis industry.
  • How to recognize investment opportunities and risks.
  • What are the return expectations over the next 5 years?
Lauren A. Kohr.png
VP, Senior Vice President, Chief Risk Officer, 
Old Dominion National Bank

Ms. Kohr’ s background includes more than fourteen years of experience in the financial sector with significant experience in BSA/AML and OFAC compliance. Currently, Ms. Kohr serves as the Senior Vice President, Chief Risk Officer and BSA Officer at Old Dominion National Bank (ODNB) in Tysons Corner, VA where she is responsible for Old Dominion’s enterprise risk management program, including leading the bank’s AML/BSA and OFAC program. Prior to her role at ODNB, Ms. Kohr served as a Senior Manager over AML/BSA governance and policy at Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed) in Alexandria, VA. At PenFed, Ms. Kohr was responsible for several aspects of the BSA Compliance program including risk assessments, policy/procedures, AML/BSA governance, quality assurance, merger and acquisition due diligence, and overall operational compliance. Prior to PenFed, she was the VP/Director of AML/BSA/OFAC at Metro Bank in Harrisburg, PA. During this time, she was responsible for developing, implementing and overseeing all aspects of the Bank Secrecy Act Compliance Program, including USA Patriot Act, Anti-Money Laundering, and OFAC regulations. Ms. Kohr is continuously recognized as a technical expert on the Bank Secrecy Act and a complex financial crimes subject matter expert with particular strengths in BSA/AML compliance and program management, governance, process improvement/ implementation and quality assurance/audit reviews.

Jaret Seiberg
Managing Director, Washington Research Group, Financial Services, 
Cowen Investment Management

Jaret Seiberg is the financial services and housing policy analyst for Cowen Washington Research Group, which has been routinely recognized by Institutional Investor among the top macro policy teams. Before joining Cowen in August 2016, he served in similar roles at Guggenheim Securities, MF Global, Concept Capital and Stanford Financial Group. He began following financial policy in the early 1990s as a journalist covering efforts in Congress to complete the last of the laws from the savings and loan crisis. He tracked the merger wave of the 1990s and Glass-Steagall repeal in 1999 as the deputy Washington bureau chief for American Banker and as the Washington bureau chief for The Daily Deal. His bailiwick at Cowen includes issues related to commercial banks, housing, payments, investment banking, M&A, taxes, the CFPB, crypto currency, cannabis and Capitol Hill. Mr. Seiberg has a BA from The American University and an MBA from the University of Maryland at College Park. He speaks regularly at industry events, is often quoted in the media, and appears on CNBC and Bloomberg TV.

Daniel Stipano.jpg
Davis Polk & Wardwell Financial Institutions Group

Mr. Stipano is a partner in Davis Polk's Financial Institutions Group, based in the Washington DC office. His practice includes representing clients in state, federal and foreign banking enforcement actions, and providing assistance in establishing, maintaining and monitoring Bank Secrecy Act and anti-money laundering compliance programs.

Mr. Stipano’s extensive bank regulatory and enforcement experience includes more than 30 years at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). As Deputy Chief Counsel from 2000 to 2016, he oversaw the OCC’s major enforcement actions up until the time of his departure. He also played a key role in significant BSA/AML rulemakings and policy issuances following the enactment of the USA PATRIOT Act. From 1995 to 2000, Mr. Stipano served as Director of the OCC’s Enforcement & Compliance Division.


Kris Inton.jpg
Kristoffer Inton
Morningstar Research Services LLC

Kristoffer Inton is director of equity research, basic materials for Morningstar Research Services LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc. He covers cannabis, gold, and uranium companies. 

Before joining Morningstar in 2013, Inton was an investment banking associate for Guggenheim Securities in New York. Previously, he was an investment banking analyst for Merrill Lynch in Chicago and New York. 

Inton holds a bachelor’s degree in finance with high honors from the University of Illinois and a master’s degree in business administration with distinction from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

Qualifications: I hr Professional Learning | CFA Institute Competency Framework Skill = Industry Awareness + Regulatory Compliance
5/19/2021 9:00 AM5/21/2021 5:00 PM

Breaking into Private Equity_Old.jpg

Breaking Into Private Equity: 
LBO Modeling and PE Deal Process Masterclass 
Wednesday, May 19 - Friday, May 21| 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
This is a Virtual Instructor - Led Training (VILT)

Led by former private equity professional with applied expertise in LBO modeling methodologies, this seminar begins with a deep dive into the Private Equity deal process and the day-to-day responsibilities of a PE professional. The boot camp then turns to modeling, where participants will learn how to build a real, complex LBO model the way it's done on the job. 
LBO Modeling & the PE Deal Process 
  • The Private Equity Boot Camp teaches trainees how to construct comprehensive LBO models used to support real transactions. But effective PE professionals must also understand the nuances of the private equity deal process and the non-modeling day-today responsibilities of a PE professional. 
Led by PE Professionals 
  • This boot camp is NOT an academic exercise. It is taught by PE professionals who have been involved in some of the most high-profile private equity deals in the last 10 years. 
Learn from the Private Equity's #1 Trainer 
  • 4 of the Top 5 Private Equity firms globally use Wall Street Prep to train their incoming PE Analysts and Associates. Attending this program gives you access to the same virtual training. 
Online - Pre-Seminar Excel training 
  • This boot camp assumes proficiency in Excel. Enrollment includes access to our popular Excel Crash Course for those who need an Excel refresher. 
Online - Post-Seminar Online Access 
  • Enrollment includes access to the following online course(s): Financial Statement ModelingLBO Modeling
What's Included?

  • Comprehensive training materials (manuals and online exercises), Detailed reusable modifiable Excel model templates, Unlimited e-mail support for content-related questions for 12 months post-seminar.

What to Have:  Laptop, Notepad, and Calculator.

This Virtual Course is Instructed by our training partner, Wall Street Prep.
5/19/2021 5:00 PM5/19/2021 6:00 PM
Member-Organized ​Book Club - May 2021
May 19 | 5 - 6PM ET

May’s selection is Kleptopia: How Dirty Money Is Conquering the World by Tom Burgis.  Named as a notable book of 2020 by The Economist and The Washington Post, Kleptopia weaves together four globe-spanning stories of corruption tied to the world’s most powerful dictatorships.  Is this connection between money, violence, and kleptocracy unavoidable? Join us for another fun and engaging conversation.  

RSVP via email to Mike Jerue and attend with Google Meet!

6/2/2021 5:30 PM6/3/2021 9:00 PM
​Introduction to Python for Business and Finance

This is a Virtual Instructor - Led Training (VILT)


Python is a high-level, object-oriented programming language that is used in a variety of projects ranging from data science and machine learning to backend web development. In fact, it is one of the most in-demand programming languages today.

Learning Python is a great entry point into the technical world as the syntax is much easier to learn compared to other programming languages. Because of its syntax simplicity, Python is a common first programming language for business and finance individuals.

But, do not be misinformed though! Just because Python has easier syntax does not make it any less powerful compared to other languages. Many of the world’s tech majors use Python as part of their technical ecosystems.

This virtual, interactive class will be held over two sessions on June 2 and 3 from 5:30 - 9:00 PM ET. The course teaches students foundational Python concepts and how to use Python’s popular libraries to complete various technical tasks. Students are presented with Python coding challenges throughout the day to test their understanding of the material. The course culminates with a challenging in-class coding project where students apply concepts taught in the course to create a game.

What This Course Offers

  • A solid Python foundation
  • Hands-on Python programming experience
  • Overview of different development environments
  • Overview of popular Python libraries
  • Course notes, certificate of completion, and post-seminar email support for 1 year
  • An engaging and practical training approach with a qualified instructor with relevant technical, business, and educational experiences
Who is This For:

This course is relevant for any professionals who want to gain a hands-on introduction to Python.

This Virtual Course is Instructed by our training partner, Cognitir
6/3/2021 2:00 PM6/3/2021 3:15 PM
SPAC Event.png

​SPAC Attack: Examining Special Purpose Acquisition Companies  
Thursday, June 3, 2021 | 2:00 PM - 3:15 ET

The recent IPO surge of special-purpose acquisition company (SPACs) is an important market development.  While the SPAC vehicle is not new, SPAC IPOs now comprise the majority of U.S. IPOs. The explosive growth continued into early 2021 and has raised concerns about whether the mania is reaching bubble proportions and whether disclosure and marketing practices offer adequate protections to investors.  In particular, concerns are growing as to whether such investments are being mis-sold to retail investors, promising access to exchange-traded private equity opportunities normally unavailable to retail.  
SPAC proponents argue that this structure is here to stay; that it provides retail a chance to invest in emerging companies while offering companies advantages over other IPO routes. Investor advocates, meanwhile, warn of the complexity, celebrity hype and fees being extracted by Wall Street professionals, potentially leaving investors with a very small interest in the eventual public company. 
Join CFA Washington, DC and CFA Institute Advocacy for a timely discussion about the mechanics, prospects and pitfalls of the SPAC structure, and what’s on the horizon for the SPAC boom.

Who Should Attend:
  • CIOs
  • Wealth Managers/Financial Advisors
  • Investment Professionals
  • Market watchers
  • Retail Investors

Jocelyn M. Arel.png

Jocelyn M. Arel

Partner, Goodwin Procter LLP

Jocelyn Arel is a partner in Goodwin’s Technology Companies practice and leads the firm’s Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (“SPAC”) practice. Jocelyn has nearly two decades of SPACs transactions under her belt and is known for her innovative work for clients ranging the private equity, life sciences, technology, financial services and real estate industries. She advises clients in all aspects of the SPAC lifecycle, including the initial public offering (“IPO”) process; the business combinations or “SIPO transactions”; and structuring the debt and equity financing transactions that are often needed to facilitate the closing of SIPO transactions. In addition to her extensive knowledge of the legal issues related to SPACs, Jocelyn has a deep understanding of the business, financial and marketing issues that affect the success of SPACs.

Ben Kwasnick.jpg

Ben Kwasnick
Founder, SPACs Research

Benjamin Kwasnick has over 15 years experience as a principal investor in US public equity markets, with a focus on SPACs, special situations, merger arbitrage, and other event-driven strategies. He is the founder of SPAC Research, an independent data service focused on US-listed Special Purpose Acquisition Companies. SPAC Research provides custom data solutions and analysis on the SPAC space, as well as a comprehensive data set and synopsis of all material events throughout each SPAC's life cycle.

Amrith headshot.jpeg

Amrith Ramkumar
Markets Reporter, The Wall Street Journal

Amrith is a markets reporter for The Wall Street Journal in New York, where he primarily covers SPACs and other finance topics. He is also the author of the special edition of the WSJ markets newsletter that is all about SPACs. A Norman, Oklahoma, native, he graduated from Duke in 2017 and is a big sports fan.


Head of Advocacy, CFA Institute

Kurt N. Schacht, JD, CFA, is Head of Advocacy for CFA Institute. He is responsible for all aspects of policy advocacy, regulatory affairs and legislative outreach, focused on advancing investor protection, financial market transparency and fairness.  He and his global policy staff represent the views of CFA Institute to standard setters, regulatory authorities, and legislative bodies worldwide on proposed regulations and laws that affect the practice of financial analysis, investment management, securities regulation, financial reporting, audit regulation and financial market structure.

Prior to joining CFA Institute, he served as chief operating officer for a mutual fund complex, general counsel and COO for a Manhattan based hedge fund, and as deputy director/chief legal officer for the State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB).  He is an industry practice expert on investment management, corporate governance and financial service industry regulation, including Investment Company Act and Investment Advisers Act rules and practice. 

Qualifications: I hr Professional Learning | CFA Institute Competency Framework Skill = Industry Awareness + Regulatory Compliance 

6/15/2021 4:00 PM6/15/2021 5:00 PM
Boom or Bust 2021_small.jpg
2021 U.S. Equities Boom or Bust Update 

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 | 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM ET

Current investment trends in the United States continue to shift almost daily and present contrasting sides of whether U.S. Equities are a bubble ready to implode or are a great buying opportunity that still offer the best long-term Investment available. Gabriel Petre, Lead Investment Strategist World Bank Pension Plans, and Jill Hall, CFA and U.S. Equity Strategist and Head of US Small/Mid Cap Strategy at BofA Securities Inc., will present their analysis and recommendations for Equity investors of all types. The presenters will emphasize on the future direction of the U.S. Equity Markets as well as the potential impact of increasing price volatility, increasing interest rates, changes in government regulations, increases in Corporate and Capital Gains taxes, Re-Opening in the U.S. and increasing Covid-19 cases in India and other parts of the World, among different industry sectors, trade disputes, geo-political and other knowns or unknown events.  

CFA Society Washington, DC invites the audience an opportunity to listen and then engage in production discussions during the Q&A portion and openly express their opinions on how their relative assessment of the future direction of general market conditions and U.S. equities. 

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Gain a better Understanding of the current Investment Environment in the U.S. and globally with emphasis on how the past Quantitative Easing actions by Central Bank, and how deficit fiscal spending are possibly creating Asset bubbles especially in equities.
  2. What will be the most likely changes in U.S. Tax policies and what are the potential impact on the U.S. Equity markets.
  3. Understand where the current U.S. Equity markets are in relationship to their historical valuation measures.
  4. Better understand how many long-term investors have constantly made money in U.S. equities and how they will likely continue to do so, as well as what are some of the largest mistakes many investors make and/or are making right now.
  5. Learn about 1-2 possible major disruptions and/or the possible events to monitor that may change many aspects of what we know and expect today.
Who Should Attend? 

  • U.S. Equity and Global Equity Portfolio Managers.
  • Risk Management and Strategic Asset Allocation professionals.
  • Anyone with a 401K, IRA or Pension or Investment Portfolio with a stake in the future direction of U.S. Equities.
  • Anyone who attended our prior Boom or Bust Events in which the speakers were closer to the extremes (All In Equities for the long-run versus All out of Equities to avoid a bubble) and are interested in a possible more middle of the road approach.
Head of US Small and Mid-Cap Strategy and Senior US Equity Strategist
BofA Global Research

Jill Carey Hall is a director and Head of US Small and Mid-Cap Strategy who joined BofA Global Research in 2009. As a senior US Equity Strategist, she works closely with Savita Subramanian, in determining forecasts for the S&P 500, recommending sector allocations for US equities and publishing thematic reports.

Gabriel Petre.jpg
Lead Investment Strategist
The World Bank

Gabriel Petre leads the team responsible for developing the asset allocation and ESG integration strategy for the World Bank's post-retirement benefit funds. As part of his work he is also involved in advising public pension funds of developing countries on governance, investment policy and asset allocation issues, and official institutions of commodity-rich countries in setting up sovereign wealth funds. 

Stuart Cohen.jpg
Senior Financial Officer,
World Bank Group

Mr. Cohen has over 25 years of direct experience working with all aspects of Asset Management including portfolio management, credit risk, operations risk, valuation, accounting, reporting and internal controls. Currently at the World Bank Group, Mr. Cohen serves as the Team Lead for Liquid Investments Accounting, Reporting, and Independent Price Verification Team that is responsible for the daily controls, monthly and quarterly Financial Reporting for the Liquid Investments of IBRD, IDA, MIGA and Trust Funds which total approximately $135 Billion.

Qualifications: I hr Professional Learning | CFA Institute Competency Framework Skill = Investment Strategy & Process + The World Economy



The views expressed by the speakers do not necessarily reflect the views of policies of CFA Society Washington, DC, its Board of Directors or its members. CFA Society Washington,​ DC does not guarantee the source, originality, accuracy, completeness or reliability of any statement, information, data, finding, interpretation, advice, opinion, or view presented, nor does it make any representation concerning the same


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