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CFAW Volunteer Open House

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Call for Volunteers Now Open

​CFAW is now accepting applications for ​​volunteer committee positions for the 2018/19 program year. Visit the Volunteer section of the CFAW website for a complete listing of open positions and to sign up.​


New Corporate Partner Announced!

CFAW is pleased to announce our newest Corporate Partner, powerShares QQQ. The Corporate Partner Program is a special, strategic, year-round program designed to recognize CFAW's most active business partners. The Society is very appreciative of its partnership with powerShares QQQ and their commitment to supporting the Washington, DC professional investment management community. Click here for more information about the CFAW Corporate Partner Program.

 Corporate Partners

The CFAW Corporate Partner Program is a strategic, year-round program designed to recognize CFAW's most active business partners. Members of the CFAW Corporate Partner Program have a history of generously investing both funding and content to support CFAW program development.   

  CFA Society Washington, DC thanks its Corporate Partners for their continued support of the Society.




 Successful Career Transitions

Career Transitions.png 

Join CFAW on Thursday, May 3rd, 2018 12pm- 2pm for an engaging event on career transitions. Have you considered changing your career direction, but aren't sure if you'll successfully navigate down a new (or new-ish) path? Come learn about successful career transitions shared by a panel of senior executives who have transformed their careers multiple times. The panel is moderated by a career coach, specializing in transitions, who will also provide professional insights and suggestions.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Hear successful and inspiring career transition stories
  2. Learn need-to-know tips about career transition
  3. Network with distinguished executives with career transition experience and other CFA members in the Washington D.C. area 
    Who Should Attend?
  • Professionals who want to learn about different career possibilities in the Finance industry
  • Professionals curious about the career transition experiences of the panelists

Professionals who are considering career transitions themselves

**Lunch will be provided.

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​"Lunch With A Legend" Featuring Dan Fuss
IMG_1240.JPGLeft to Right: Dan Fuss and Bill Scott, CEO of CFAW 
On Wednesday, April 18th, the CFA Institute of Washington, DC, held the latest installment of it’s “Lunch with a Legend” series. The speaker was Dan Fuss, CFA, CIC of Loomis, Sayles & Company, who discussed the present state of the investment landscape and factors to pay attention to for the future. With 59 years of experience in the investment profession, Dan is currently the Chairman of Loomis, Sayles’ Board of Directors and manages the firm’s flagship bond fund, among others. He is one of the most respected bond investors in the country and has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the 2009 Morningstar Fund Manager of the Year award in the fixed income category, the Institutional Investor Money Management Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Lipper Excellence in Investing Award. Dan was introduced by Leigh Talbot of New Century Advisors, a former member of Dan’s team at Loomis, Sayles, and the talk’s moderator.

Dan’s talk centered around four basic themes that will continue to impact the bond market on a go-forward basis: Peace, People, Politics, and Prosperity. Discussing the relative peace in the world, or the potential lack thereof, Dan first expressed his opinion that this would be the most powerful of the aforementioned four factors to affect the investment landscape. He touched on several possible sources of geopolitical tension or conflict, including the relationship between the US and China and conflicts between other state and non-state actors.


Speaking thematically about “People”, Dan discussed the frictions created by an ageing population and migration patterns in different regions of the world (i.e from Africa to Europe, from the Asian steppes to other parts of Asia, and from Central America northward). Also regarding “People” he spoke about the young increasingly supporting the ageing, and the increase in opportunity for immediate employment for the young due to technological change and educational opportunities.

In Dan’s view, this was a less important factor than “Peace”, and created mostly frictions, but some opportunities. Regarding “Politics”, Dan spoke about a high level of political uncertainty in the world, expressing concerns about the potential loss of political cohesion in the EU, the US, and elsewhere.

Finally, regarding “Prosperity”, Dan spoke about a reasonably healthy global economy with low unemployment and relatively low inflation, with a potential threat coming from trade protectionism and retaliatory measures.

Dan’s talk was followed by a brief Q&A session, where he illuminated on various aspects of the four themes previously discussed.


Contributed By:
Matthew Hummel 

CFAW Board Election
Nominations Now Open!

arnaud-jaegers-253360-unsplash (1).jpgSpring is here, and it's once again time to begin planning for the next fiscal year. Part of this process includes electing new members to the CFA Board of Directors. There are five Board positions opening up at the end of June, 2018 - Board Chair and 4 Board Director positions. These positions have two-year terms, beginning July 1, 2018and running through June 20, 2020. The Board Nominating Committee is now accepting nominations for these positions.  

Only Regular CFAW Members in good standing are eligible for election and service. Qualifications for candidates for the above positions are listed in the CFAW bylaws. Candidates may nominate themselves, or be nominated by another Regular member in good standing, for the positions of Board Chair or Director. Nominations through this process must be submitted by April 23, 2018.  

To nominate someone or yourself please complete the CFAW Call for Nominees form , which includes a short general statement of qualifications for office and (ii) a resume for the Nominating Committee to review in consideration for adding the candidate to the 2018-2019 slate. (Note that not all nominees will be selected by the Nominating Committee for the recommended slate of candidates for member vote.)

 All nominations should be sent to Bill Scott, President/CEO of CFA Society Washington, DC at 

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