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Behavioral Finance 2.0: Money, Happiness, and
The Future of Wealth Management
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February 9
4 PM - 5:15 PM ET

The business of financial advice is evolving quickly as commoditized products and portfolios are yielding to increasingly comprehensive planning solutions and beyond. As advisors struggle to define and defend their value, the effort to deepen and broaden client relationships implicates the need to transform the core insights of behavioral finance from academic to practical. 

Well beyond lists of biases or quoting well-worn aphorisms, we now have perspectives—informed by disciplines like social psychology and neuroscience—that can help us evolve “goals-based wealth management” from slogan to craft. 

The era of Behavioral Finance 2.0 is upon us. This implicates not just investment decision making but also bigger questions like how money fits into a fulfilled life, including consideration of how the quest for “more” can be balanced with the satisfaction of “enough.”

Speaker: Brian Portnoy, PhD, CFA - Author and Founder, Shaping Wealth

Moderator: Tom Galgano Jr., CFA

 Upcoming Training

Introduction to Python for Business and Finance
February 3 & 4
5:30 PM - 9 PM ET  
This course teaches students foundational Python concepts and how to use Python’s popular libraries to complete various technical tasks. Students are presented with Python coding challenges throughout the day to test their understanding of the material. The course culminates with a challenging in-class coding project where students apply concepts taught in the course to create a game.

This Virtual Course is instructed by our training partner, Cognitir.

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