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Annual Member Investment Selection Contest

Beginning in 2017, CFAW developed an investment selection contest for its members.  The contest is meant to be a fun and engaging opportunity for CFAW members to put their skills to the test, and it's a great opportunity for the winner to gain recognition within the CFAW community. This contest is for current active CFAW members only.

2019 Contest

For calendar year 2019, contest participants can create a portfolio using up to 10 securities from a list of ~2,000 securities, which include the S&P 500 constituents, along with ~1,500 exchange-traded funds (ETFs).  (You can see a complete list of approved tickers here:  Participants will set the allocation percentage, or weight, of each security, and their performance will be measured to see who produces the best absolute and risk-adjusted return. To see the leaderboard for the current contest, visit:


Past Contest Winners

  • 2017 – 2018 Contest: Brad Neumann
  • 2019 Contest: TBD


2019 Contest FAQ

1. Who can enter the contest?

a. CFAW Members (including student/candidate members and guest members).

2. Where can I enter the contest?


3. Can I make multiple entries in the contest?

a. Only one entry will be allowed per participant. However, if you do change your mind on a selection before the deadline, you can re-submit your selections. Keep in mind, though, the tie-breaker for the competition, if needed, is in favor of earlier submissions.

4. How is the winner determined?

a. There will be two winners for the 2019 contest:

i. Absolute Return Winner – the participant with the greatest total return

ii. Risk-Adjusted Return Winner - the participant with the highest Sharpe ratio

5. Can there be a tie in the contest?

a. No. If participants receive the same final score, the participant who submitted their selections first will be awarded the prize.

6. What is the prize?

a. A free year of CFAW membership will be awarded to the winning participants.

7. When/where will the prize be awarded?

a. The winning participants will be recognized in a CFAW email (including name and picture) and at a CFAW event.

8. When is the deadline to enter the contest?

a. December 31, 2018 at midnight.

9. What is the performance measurement time period for my selections?

a. Calendar Year 2019 (January 1, 2019 thru December 31, 2019)

10. Will performance include dividends?

a. Yes, performance of selections will be calculated on a total return basis (i.e. including dividends).

11. Will the selection weights be rebalanced periodically?

a. No, the weights of selections will be set at the beginning of the measurement period and positions will be held for the entire year without being rebalanced based on the initial allocations. For example, if you allocate 50% to two tickers, a $100 portfolio will be created with $50 allocated to each ticker at inception, but the positions will not be rebalanced at any point if they deviate from the initial 50% allocations as the value of your selections change.

12. Will my selections be made public?

a. No, your selections will remain private and confidential. However, a leaderboard will be developed to track participants’ performance throughout the year, so to maintain complete anonymity, participants can choose a public alias to use in lieu of their full name.